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    WA - Washington State Tri- Cities Cold Cases

    24 Murders in Tri-Cities Area are Considered Cold Cases
    Posted: May 01, 2014 7:21 PM CST - Updated: May 02, 2014 12:54 AM CST
    Posted by Tracci Dial, News Anchor

    1960: 51-year-old Edna Wright, stabbed 35 times and had a broken neck, found at her Richland home.

    1971: 60-year-old Ivah McDonnell, brutally beaten with a blunt object and strangled at her Pasco home. [suspect linked with DNA]

    1972: 64-year-old Viola D'Amico, shot in the chest at her Pasco home, the murder weapon found nearby.

    1975: 20-year-old Shannon Varley, found shot and floating in a pond. [might be linked to murder of Diane Merckx]

    1977: 20-year-old Diane Merckx, possibly strangled, found in a shallow grave at Sacajawea Park. [Stanley Bernson was once a suspect.]

    1981: 61-year-old Raymond Varela, a transient found stabbed nine times near the Pasco railroad yards.

    1983: 27-year-old Susan Burnham, brutally beaten to death and found near a rest stop in Benton County. [Two truck drivers were once suspects.]

    1986: 24-year-old Stanley Peterson, shot and killed in a vehicle along Interstate 82.

    1986: 40-year-old Robert McDonald, found beaten and floating in the Columbia River near the Pasco Boat Basin launch.

    1987: 29-year-old Edward Davis, shot several times with multiple guns in Pasco.

    1987: 21-year-old Tracy Lynn Smith, found fface downnear the Pasco water tower, stabbed 40+ times in the head, back and torso.

    1990: 34-year-old Jesus Cardenas, found dead of gunshot wounds in rural Benton County.

    1990: 44-year-old David Gonzalez, shot and killed in his Prosser driveway.

    1991: 29-year-old Francisco Olalde, found lying on railroad tracks in Pasco, strangled and hung over the side of a train car.

    1991: 31-year-old Ernesto Hernandez, beat to death with a cinder block and found in Pasco.

    1994: 72-year-old Evelyn Beagle, suffocated after she and her husband were tied up by two robbers. Her husband was able to break free.

    1995: Avel Ayala Garcia, shot and killed in rural Franklin County.

    1997: 13-year-old Anna Pelayo, found shot in the head on Taylor Flats Road.

    1997: 50-year-old Pedro Garcia, found dead of blows to the head in a field of brush. Some talks of it being a serial killer, nothing ever confirmed.

    2000: 39-year-old Juan Guzman Zuniga, left apartment to take out garbage and came back badly beaten. Died from internal injuries and officers were unable to get information from him after he was hurt.

    2001: 51-year-old Cassandra Ray, found bludgeoned to death in her Kennewick home.

    2002: 50-year-old Gregorio Lopez, gunned down on a Pasco street with an assault rifle.

    2010: 30-year-old Juan Segoviano-Garcia, shot in the chest and burned, his body was found in a Finley orchard that was on fire.
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