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    Vancouver, B.C.Homicide of Rhona Margaret DUNCAN (Age 16) July 16th 1976



    "Name : Homicide of Rhona Margaret DUNCAN (Age 16)

    Location : North Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)

    Details : On the evening of July 16th 1976, 16 yr. old Rhona DUNCAN and some friends attended a house party on East Queens Ave. in North Vancouver, BC.

    There were about 60 teenagers from school at the party. At about 1:00 A.M. Rhona and her girlfriend, Marion Bogues decided to walk home. They left with Bogues boyfriend, Owen Parry, and DUNCAN’s boyfriend, Shawn Mapoles. The boys went there separate ways as they got close to their homes and Bogues and DUNCAN continued on by themselves. DUNCAN and Bogues parted company near Bogues residence. Rhona DUNCAN was five blocks from her house. It was about 2:45 A.M. at this time."

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    This July 16th will mark the 40 year anniversary of this case.

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    Bumping for this young girl who should have been able to enjoy the rest of her summer, and so much more.

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    land of most amazing sunsets
    this is such a strange case.....
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