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    DE - Kimberly Quade, 23, killed in hit & run, New Castle, 6 Oct 2015

    Body found at BJ's identified as Dover-area woman
    robin brown, The News Journal
    18 hours ago

    Authorities have identified a woman whose body was found by gas pumps at a discount-club store at Hares Corner in New Castle.

    The woman, found fully clothed outside BJ's Wholesale Club, was identified as Kimberly Quade, 23, of the Dover area, said Senior Lt. Adam P. Brams, public information officer for the New Castle Police Department.

    Quade's cause of death has not been announced.

    Her body was found about 6 a.m. Tuesday at the gas pump island by an arriving employee of one of the businesses at Airport Plaza Shopping Center at Du Pont Highway (U.S. 13) and Frenchtown Road (Del. 273), Brams said.


    Quade appeared to have bruises on the front of her head. She was partly undressed, wearing one shoe, a pink top and jeans that were in disarray.

    Police spent hours searching the area, but initially had little to go on.

    Investigators focused not only on where the body was discovered, but also on an area of roadway about 30 feet away. At that location there were shards of broken glass and swabs were taken of what appeared to be blood spots on the pavement.

    Police say they are looking for surveillance video.


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    March 2016:

    Man charged with hitting woman, dumping body

    Dustin M. Brown, 31, of the 200 block of James Place in New Castle, was arrested and charged with manslaughter and leaving the scene of a collision causing death following a four-month-long investigation by police, Senior Lt. Adam P. Brams said.

    Police believe he hit the woman, later identified as 23-year-old Kimberly Quade, along Del. 273 near Rambleton Drive sometime in the late evening to early morning hours of Oct. 5 and 6, Brams said.
    January 2017:


    Deputy Attorneys General Danielle Brennan and Kelly Breen secured a prison sentence for Dustin Brown, 32, of New Castle for Manslaughter and Leaving the Scene of a Collision Resulting in Death. In October 2015, Brown’s vehicle struck Kimberly Quade on Route 273 in New Castle. Brown then took Quade to the parking lot of the New Castle Farmer’s Market, leaving her without calling for medical help or police. Quade was found the next morning by a passerby, after Quade had died. Brown was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Calvin Scott, Jr. to 5 years, 9 months in prison.