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    Re your list post JJ - thanks a lot and holy dooley! When it is all put down like that it certainly is a long list. I was also unaware that the temper tantrum after losing to the Brazilian guy lasted for two hours. Two hours! That is a long time to be in an uncontrollable rage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Fossil View Post
    Then you don't go with the prise marks being in blood on the toe of the cricket bat?

    I am uncertain of it.

    I think you have made a good forensic case for it
    And I also have always entertained the idea that OP had the intruder idea before he pulled the trigger. This might actually be why he shot her through the door.

    On the other hand, as time was limited i think a number of factors must have been driven by necessity and pure good fortune.

    So IMO bats must have come first, and it is just good luck that they were mistaken for gun shots.

    Prising came after the shots definitely.

    But if the door was not locked - would he have come up with the locked door/breaking down the door idea so quickly?

    This is why I still lean towards the idea that he was forced to break in by necessity

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    Quote Originally Posted by janicelongbright View Post
    Fact : On 14th Feb , the police were instructed to dimantle the door , bag it and take it to the chief of police office . There are various pictures of the door in various stages of the panels being removed , including the last, of only the top;bottom sides and 'middle ' framing remaining , before that was bagged and taken away .

    The picture shows the splinterd , split panel only removed . There is a clean split along the glue line to the next 2 panels and no damage visible .There is no reason for the police to reconstruct that intact piece in the door , But not the single panel . And why , when the y were in the process of dsimantling it : There was not to be any ballistics work done at the crime scene for another very nearly month , ( Mangena) A full month Wolmarans .

    There are very lregitimate questions as to why the door was ordered to be dismantled ,( and whilst the frame was intact , you could say it made the door lighter to carry , but we are speaking of police resources and crime scenes ; not housewives .

    Both Wolmarans and Mangena agree both in their reports and in testimony , that the bullets holes' in the door , mis match the crime scene , and Wolmarans says the door "MUST HAVE" deflected the bullets path (trajectory) IE from downwards projectory to upwards at the otherside of the door .

    Those are facts and can't be disputed because they have been extensively recorded , inc. on Mr Fossils diagrams . Take a look . All the rods go into the door downwards . On the next page is a diagram based on Wolmarans 'deflection theory ' as to how the bullets changed direction on the bathroom side . The second digram can have no relation to the first . projections are shown in aseectrum from ceiling to floor , where the rods photograph how the actuality. There can be no upward projections from the floor, where the rods from the door were downwards, from above .

    If the media blogs are accurate , and there can be no reason to say they are not , per se , Then apart from Pistorius not being tall enough to have produced the angles( which are high up from the bathroom side , up to Pistorius on stumps breast bone approx .)
    9ft from the door , because the angle that starts off small grows extremely rapidly over distance .
    Mangena says IN COURT that Pistoius woul had to have fired from 7cms obove his shoulder , to achive the angl and height in the door .

    I don't know why this particular aspect appears to be one that is treated as taboo . The' I can't discuss it further with you' , And refusing to reply to points except with a blanket denial , seems somewhat churlish .

    But if no one wants to discuss these aspects , then fair enough.
    Mr Fossil has written up his analysis in great detail.

    If you want to dispute it, the onus is on you to provide a sourced argument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val1 View Post
    This article highlights much of the trial fairly well(even if I think it's writers are a little too pro OP), if you want to give it a quick read. I believe some of the links from it might provide you with further answers, without having to watch all the trial footage which gets very tedious.
    Wow , thanks , One thing so far , I hadn't read about the injuries first hand . It turns out that there is nothing saying that splinters were integral to any bullet wounds , in fact quite the opposite :

    ' there were bullet wounds ......etc......and there wereadditional injuries from splinters .....

    Pathologists have to be accurate with language . This language might be error, but it clearly separates bullet wounds on the one hand: splinter wounds elsewhere ... ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by lithgow1 View Post
    Re your list post JJ - thanks a lot and holy dooley! When it is all put down like that it certainly is a long list. I was also unaware that the temper tantrum after losing to the Brazilian guy lasted for two hours. Two hours! That is a long time to be in an uncontrollable rage.
    It's a massive list and goes to show just what a loose canon he was. The fact he could lose it so quickly helps to explain how he was 'able' to kill Reeva. He must have thought nothing could ever touch him and that he'd always be able to get out of any mess he created, just as he always had.

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    New thread, this one will close in 5 minutes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JudgeJudi View Post
    For those who are new to this forum, here's a list of all OP's indiscretions, misdemeanours, confrontations etc. that have been published over the years. It's interesting to note the escalation from the 2012 Olympics onwards.

    Oscar is a Danger to Society

    2002 At 15 he was allowed to drive Carl’s car illegally around Pretoria

    circa 2003 Rumours reached some teachers that he had a violent temper – that sometimes he ‘flipped’, as one of them put it – and that he threatened the younger boys

    May 2004 Bought his first car when he was 17, too young for a driver’s licence

    Feb 14, 2006 Nodded off at the wheel after setting off for Vicky Miles’ house, 400 miles from his, at 3am after they had a blistering row. One side of his vehicle was completely destroyed.

    2008 Oscar’s ex-stylist, Francois Louw, witnessed a terrifying temper tantrum whilst they worked together to create a fragrance. When there was an issue when delivering the finished products, Oscar screamed, swore, kicked the garage door, went inside and screamed even louder, swearing constantly. He also threatened Louw’s family.

    July 2008 Just before the Beijing Olympics he swore at a South African reporter for quoting an athletics coach who said Oscar wasn’t yet ready to run a relay. “I never realised the ‘f’ and ‘p’ words could be used in so many different ways in such quick succession,” the journalist said.

    Prior to Sept 6, 2008 At the pre-games training camp for the Beijing Paralympics he phoned David O’Sullivan and raged about what he perceived to be an inadequate training kit. His fury caught O’Sullivan by surprise. Oscar “knew he couldn’t be ignored and his anger would ensure his demands were met. He wanted to go on the air and complain,” said O’Sullivan, who put him on his radio show.

    Sept 12, 2009 Cassidy Taylor-Memmory charged Oscar with assault when he punched a door so hard that a piece broke and fell on her leg following an argument with his then girlfriend, Melissa Rom.

    Feb 21, 2009 Crashed his boat into a relatively new pier on the Vaal River which shattered his face and nearly cost him his life. He lied when he said that 1) the pier was submerged; 2) it happened at sunset (it was after 10pm); and 3) he hadn’t been drinking. (He was seen drinking in a river pub and 3 empty bottles of liquor were found on his boat. He was never breath tested).

    Feb 21, 2009 A further individual had an altercation with Oscar on the river that same evening which occurred “long” after sunset but before the boating accident took place.

    Sept 6, 2011 Stormed out of a BBC radio interview after taking exception to a question about his fight to take part in non-disabled athletics.

    Oct 2011
    At a Kings of Leon concert he was very drunk and stumbled into a group of people. Later, two women were practically shoved off their feet by an aggressive Oscar. One told him his behaviour was rude and unacceptable. He was extremely abusive to the two women, calling them “f***ing lesbians”. One of the women said “What is your problem?” to which he replied, “I’m drunk, what’s yours?”

    May 2012 Mothers had to remove their children from the gym because of his continual swearing. He was known to rant and rave as he struggled to complete the simplest of routines, would stalk out in a fury, returning only when his anger had expired.

    June/July, 2012 Attended a shooting range with friends, including Francois Hougaard, and fired at a watermelon which exploded. He said,” It’s a lot softer than brain, but f***, it feels like a zombie stopper.”

    July/Aug 2012 Temper tantrum at the London Paralympics when he lost a race to Brazilian, Alan Oliveira whom he wrongly accused of using illegal blades. Following his outburst on the track, he was taken to an underground room where he went on a 2 hour rampage, shouting, screaming, crying, hitting tables, kicking walls and throwing furniture around. Each time Paralympic chiefs went into the room to try and calm him down, they saw a fresh escalation of his hysterical reaction. Oliviera said, "He saw me at the Olympic village and refused to talk to me. He told the media that he apologised to me but that never happened. He apologised to the media but never to me."

    July/Aug 2012 Room-mate, Arnu Fourie changed rooms to get away from Oscar’s constant screaming on the phone.

    Sept 2012 Enraged by jealousy, Oscar confronted and swore at Quinton van der Burgh at the Kyalami racetrack about his relationship with Sam Taylor. He said he would break his legs and f*** him up.

    Sept 2012 Started sending threatening SMSes to Van der Burgh

    Sept 30, 2012 Fired his gun through the sunroof of a car

    Nov 2012 Mark Batchelor, a friend of van der Burgh, got involved and he and Oscar exchanged threatening SMSes. Oscar threatened to break Batchelor’s legs.

    Nov 2012 Justin Divaris arranged a meeting with the Hawks to settle the dispute. Batchelor said Oscar turned up with a black eye and stitches in his head because he had been involved in a fight at a party the night before. Hitman, Mikey Schultz said, “He was so pissed he fell and cut his head. He was dancing with his gun”.

    Jan 2013 Tasha’s shooting incident

    Jan 2013 Turned up for filming at “It Gets Better” gay and lesbian youth campaign with a very angry looking black eye

    Feb 2013 Shot and killed Reeva

    Apr 2013 52 days after killing Reeva, Oscar turned up, uninvited, at a private party in Illovo, Johannesburg hosted by a businessman. Guests said he was drunk, knocking back one drink after the other, including tequila shots. He hit on Kesiah Frank, a beautiful blonde model who holds a law degree. He asked her to dance and flirted with her repeatedly until she made it clear she was not interested.

    Apr 6, 2013 Oscar was out partying with friends at the Kitchen Bar restaurant, throwing back shooters, and patted a friend’s girlfriend on the bottom. Patrons were shocked and thought it horribly insensitive to go out for drinks with friends so soon after Reeva's death.

    After leaving the Kitchen Bar he went across the road to the Buddha Ta cocktail lounge accompanied by Craig Lipschitz who was involved in a vicious brawl with former bouncer, Guil Yahav. Lipschitz is always accompanied by 4 bodyguards. Yahav was implicated in the vicious murder of another bouncer, Patrick Caetano who was hacked to death with a butcher’s knife at the Kyalami Business Park and was caught on CCTV.

    July 12 2014 Oscar attended The VIP Room nightclub with Guil Yahav who introduced him to Jared Mortimer (a friend of Marc Batchelor). Yahav had been involved in a vicious murder in 2002. Oscar was drunk and got into a brawl Mortimer.

    July 12 2014 The club’s bouncers were asked to remove Oscar after he then got into a confrontation with another man.

    Date unknown Berated his housekeeper Frank Chiziweni in front of an American TV crew. With the cameraman and sound-man looking on, he screamed 'What the f--- are you doing? Have I not told you a thousand f------ times to close that garage door? Are you f------ mad?’

    Date unknown His biographer Gianni Merlo said, "He could get very furious suddenly
    is the dog shooting incident just a vicious rumour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldpizza View Post
    New thread, this one will close in 5 minutes.

    Can you bring Judge Judi's recent post 1348 over to the new one? It would be a shame to lose it. Thanks a lot in advance.

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