Scientists hunting the Loch Ness Monster say they've made a significant breakthrough.

Flesh-like material, which could hold the key to Nessie's origins, has been recovered from the loch bed.

It'll now be subject to DNA testing here and in the United States.

Veteran Nessie-hunter Dr Bob Rines is a pioneer of radar and sonar, at 83 this could be his last expedition...but also his most successful.

Using underwater robots, the team has scooped up material that may finally prove the existence of large animals deep in the loch.

Samples will be tested at laboratories in Scotland and the United States.

The results could be far-reaching....and if they are they will be found.

The Great Northern Diver, costing half a million dollars, had its first outing today.

Packed with the most sophisticated technology this can delve where nothing's delved before.

Nessie-lovers have heard it all before. They refuse to believe the monster is dead.