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    Enix Trial Day 1: Prosecutors lay out their case in ex-wife's killing


    The state said it will show the jury notes that Enix wrote on his phone detailing the times that he claims Kimberly threatened him and physically abused him. Prosecutors said Enix is just using that to create his own defense.

    The state also said it will show text messages between Tyler and Kimberly Enix that investigators recovered after they were deleted.

    The state said investigators will testify to the physical evidence of the case, such as finding Tyler Enix’s DNA under Kimberly Enix’s fingernails.

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    Testimony begins in Knoxville murder, kidnapping trial

    The state and defense argued two competing theories to the jury. The state told jurors that Tyler Enix was violent and abusive, arguing that he planned out Kimberly Enix’s murder just months after their divorce. The defense paints a different narrative, saying Kimberly Enix was the real abuser in their relationship, going on to say she’s the one who attacked Tyler Enix with a knife before he turned the knife around on her.

    “She’s got a knife. It’s over her head and she’s coming at him. He grabs her arm. And what happens after that, sadly we know from the pictures. Tyler just lost it,” said defense attorney John Halstead.
    Defense: Enix stabbed to death ex-wife, but it wasn't premeditated

    The jury listened to the 911 tapes of concerned co-worker, Libby Guy, who twice called 911 requesting a welfare check on Kimberly Enix the morning she was killed.

    Guy testified that Kimberly told her if she ever didn’t show up for work then something would be wrong. She said Enix threatened Kimberly by telling her she would “end up in a body bag” if she ever left him.
    Kimberly Enix’s ex-husband, Chris Morrison, testified Tuesday. The two were married in 2000, separated for good by 2006 and divorced by 2008. Morrison had filed order of protections against both Tyler and Kimberly and had worked out a visiting schedule for he and Kimberly’s two daughters.

    Morrison said he and Kimberly would get into fights, and admitted that sometimes they got physical, where she would throw things, kick him and hit him.

    “But she was never homicidal towards me … never picked up a knife or a gun. I never felt like she was going to kill me,” Morrison said.

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    A judge has sentenced a Knox County man convicted of killing his ex-wife to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 51 years.

    Judge Sword declared a mistrial on the sentencing only and discharged the jury. After Tyler Enix serves 51 years in prison, there is a possibility of parole. He has served 2 of those years already.

    A sentencing date on the especially aggravated robbery charge is set for Nov. 30. The state has said they will ask the judge to make those consecutive sentences.

    Jurors in Knox County Criminal Court on Friday found Enix guilty of first-degree murder in Kimberly Enix's 2015 killing.
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