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    HELP....Sidebar thread not opening


    I use an iPad almost exclusively, but rarely have trouble on PC should I use that. Others have the same or similar trouble using tablet or PC.

    For more months than I can recall I have had consistent problems opening this thread. It will hang on the first post (or no posts) showing, or opens a partial page only. Today I tried over 20 times before I could get a full page open (no exaggeration!). I noticed if the page started to open it opened only
    pics and videos first, then it "might" start opening actual text of posts .... but crashed before it got to the full page. Also, the "view last post" hardly ever works for me on this thread.

    To try to correct this I have often cleared history and reset iPad, which helps "sometimes". I recently discovered by using an ad-blocker on iPad I can get it to to work smoothly more often, but not always.

    Does this have anything to do with ads? Or with all the pics and videos people post in the thread? is there any way to correct the problems with all are having on this particular thread?

    The best I can do is give you some screenshots of what I had today when trying to open the thread. Hope it can give you some idea of what we are dealing with here. It is most frustrating, as this is a favorite forum thread for us who use it. THANKS!
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    I too have been having trouble getting pages to load on WS for the past month or so. I use Internet Explorer on a new PC using Windows 8. I have found a little trick that sometimes works to make it a little better although it doesn't always work all the time.

    If the loading of the page locks up then I leave that one locked up, and then I open up a brand new Internet Explorer Session and go to WS on that one. Not just a new window but booting up a whole new IE session while leaving the other one. It seems to help opening up WS pages on the 2nd one.

    Sometimes I have to even open up a 3rd or 4th IE session. I will then go back and close down the other locked sessions.

    For whatever reason, it seems to help. Just wanted to share the tip if it helps.

    I think the issues are all related to the fancy ads but its just a guess. Ive been meaning to load up Firefox or Chrome browser on this machine as I had better luck with that on my old machine rather than I.E. but haven't got around to it yet.

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