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    I thought these were a good read. He is the only author to report the AH gaffe tape connection and the first I have heard report that Casey hid caylee's body at Lee's house. I think dc heard things he can't report details on. Is there a connection to Lee getting immunity bc his house stunk of decomp?

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    As of late DC has been really getting on my nerves because the crap he keeps pulling regarding the depositions is delaying Kronk's trial. He's a drama queen and he's making it all about him.

    However, think parts of his books rang true...

    1) The part about Baez saying that Casey killed her kid and he needed to find Caylee's body before anyone else did. DC said that way back when and Baez had a bar complaint filed against him for that.
    2) The part where he claims Baez was involved in witness tampering and evidence tampering regarding Laura Buchanan, Suburban being searched and the claims that someone had moved Caylee's body. Conway had to resign as Cindy and George's attorney due to the sleazy crap Baez pulled by way of trying to make him into a "witness" who saw the forged documents.
    3) Casey ranting to DC in jail about how Baez told her that her father was ready to throw her under the bus with his grand jury testimony, and then saying "Jose had a plan for him."
    4) The "you owe me three blow jobs" remark in the car when Casey was picked up after being bailed out of jail. I do think Baez made that remark, maybe jokingly, or maybe not. Either way, he's stupid enough and tacky enough to make that remark.
    5) Baez smirking and saying "B killed her kid, she's got a few screws loose."

    I disagree with DC that Casey drowned Caylee in the pool. I think Casey had been thinking about killing Caylee for months and was very interested in chloroform. Ultimately I think it was too complicated and too much work for her (much like burying her daughter in the backyard was.) I think Casey was seething mad at her mother for daring to yell at her for stealing from her sick grandfather and threaten to throw her out and get custody of Caylee. At her idiotic wit's end, she did a quick search for foolproof suffocation that afternoon, was interrupted by the phone call from Jesse Grund. Jesse may have further exacerbated her anger since she seemed to harbor a lot of hostility towards him for "loving Caylee more than her."

    After she got off the phone with Jesse, she killed Caylee with some combination of smothering her, duct taping her and hopefully drugging her beforehand. etc.

    The Lee thing I always found intriguing. I'm not 100% convinced it happened that way, but if Lee was actually out of his house on some sort of trip the way DC claimed, it lends credence to it. If he really was complaining about his house smelling weird, it lends more credence to it. IIRC, he also moved shortly after that.

    I don't think that's why Lee got immunity though. I think if the cops heard about a decomp smell in Lee's house, they would have gotten a warrant to search it and turned it upside down.

    I always thought he may have done something to the computer Casey was using during the 31 days or he initially hid some kind of evidence from the police and then later came forward with it. I can't remember my exact reasoning now, but I read something that made me think that.
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