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    PA - Aurelio Ceballos, 57, dies in botched arson scheme, Scranton, 18 July 2015

    Heinous Fratricide* & Felony Arson+

    Diomedes A. Ceballos :: Male / 58 Years Old

    Upper Court of Common Pleas Docket:

    https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/Docket...R-0002222-2015 :

    Pre-Trial Confinement Without Bail.



    Includes Video

    *In This Case, Fratricide [FRAY'-trih-side] = Killing of His Brother
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    That's some bad news.

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    So the brother who died of 3rd degree burns after allegedly starting the arson fire was found dead 3 miles away from the burning house. How does that happen? Where was the defendant while the dead brother was leaving the scene? Weird.
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