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    NM State Trooper

    I found some info on a link that I cant post here due to Websleuth rules, however, that source DID provide a link to the El Paso Times, but the link was broken, so I cant post that.

    Mods, if this thread is illegal because I haven't yet posted a source, please delete and I will see if I can find a MSM source discussing this individual.

    Anyway, I will leave his name out for now until someone gives me the go-ahead. He is an ex NM state Trooper. He was accused of raping civil rights lawyer, Mary Han. Han allegedly committed suicide in 2010. Many do not believe her death was a suicide....I must mention that I have seen other mentions of "a crooked cop and state trooper" being involved in assaulting prostitutes.

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    Is this the link you're referring to?

    Albuquerque Judge, Police Accused in Rapes of Prostitutes

    ALBUQUERQUE - In recent years, a New Mexico state police officer, an Albuquerque police officer and a Second Judicial District Court judge were among those accused of sexually assaulting omen, including two prostitutes, according to court records, adding to the fears of victims’ relatives that the city’s law enforcement environment may not be conducive to solving the major West Mesa serial murder case.

    Here are some highlights of cases gleaned from court and police records and news media accounts:

    *2013: A former prostitute alleges in a lawsuit filed in federal court that ex-New Mexico state policeman Timothy Carlson raped her in 2011 in his police vehicle.


    2010: Civil rights lawyer Mary Han is found dead in her home. Han was known for successfully winning civil rights cases against the Albuquerque police. The law firm she belonged to represents the former prostitute in the current case against Carlson.

    Controversy erupted after authorities ruled Han’s death a suicide. State Attorney General Gary King issued a statement in 2013 alleging that Han did not kill herself and that Albuquerque police botched the investigation.

    El Paso Times

    There is a great deal more info at the above link.

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    LE went out of their way to cover up the Carlson crimes and punish the "good apples".

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