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    MO - Liehnia 'Lena' Chapin, 20, Dent County, Jan 2006

    Liehnia May Chapin

    Endangered Missing from Dent County, Missouri since January-April 2006

    Age: 20 -- Height: 5'8"-5'10" -- Weight: 130 lbs -- Hair Color: Blonde -- Eye Color: Blue

    Liehnia has a tattoo of a mushroom and the phrase "Love Daddy" on her lower back.

    Liehnia was last seen sometime between January and April 2006. She was living in Dent County, Missouri at the time. She was not reported missing until November 2008, almost 3 years after she was last seen. She has never been heard from again.

    Missouri State Highway Patrol


    Charley Project


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    Here's a great and in-depth article on the case. Also talks about the disappearance of Gary McCullough.

    After 10 years missing, is Lena Chapin still alive?


    Valentine’s Day marked one decade since Lena Chapin vanished.

    However, an official missing person’s report wasn’t made for Chapin until almost three years after she disappeared, and that wasn’t made until the sheriff of Barry County intervened in the case. Why a sheriff almost 200 miles away from Dent County is interested in Chapin’s disappearance is because in 1999 her stepfather, Gary McCullough, also disappeared from his Barry County ranch outside of Cassville.

    In both cases, Sandy Klemp (Lena’s mother and Gary’s wife) did not cooperate with investigating authorities. She did not report Gary missing until two days after he disappeared, and only then because two Barry County deputies showed up on her ranch pertaining to a cattle call. She has never reported her daughter, Lena, missing. To this day, Sandy refuses to talk in detail to law enforcement about the disappearances of either her former husband or daughter.

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    Part 2 of the story:

    Cover-up, confession and what remains of Lena Chapin


    On June 26, 2006, April Chandler and Joy McCullough, Gary’s daughters from a previous marriage, filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Barry County civil court against both Sandy and Kris Klemp, who were living in Dent County. The suit alleged the duo knowingly took the life of their father. The McCullough daughters’ litigation was predicated in part on Chapin’s taped confession to Albert. Lena was initially listed in the suit as a co-conspirator in the crime.

    “We were very interested in contacting Lena because she had confessed to taking an active role in the cover-up of Gary’s murder,” the plaintiff’s lawyer, Richard Lee Anderson, told The Salem News. “The statements of a co-conspirator can be used against other conspirators in that crime. We hoped if we could confront Lena with her own words under oath, we could finally get what happened to Gary on the record.”

    On July 7, 2006, Dent County sheriff’s deputies served Sandy and Kris with court papers for the civil suit, but when the deputies asked of Chapin’s whereabouts, Sandy said Lena, 20, moved to Florida with a boyfriend earlier that year.
    One of the only leads in the case of Lena’s disappearance came when Detective Letchworth interviewed her former boyfriend, Jason Bryant, in 2012. Letchworth says Bryant and Chapin were living together in an apartment outside Steelville immediately before her disappearance. They planned to be married. The last time Bryant says he saw Lena was Feb. 14, 2006, Valentine’s Day.

    That morning Bryant told Letchworth he woke up early, gave Lena a kiss on the cheek and left saying he’d be back that evening. When Bryant returned from work later that day, he instead found Sandy and two other people clearing all of Chapin’s belongings from their apartment. Sandy then told Bryant that Lena ran off with another man to Florida, and then left with all of her daughter’s belongings. Bryant says he never saw Lena again.
    Dent County officials say they’re also not giving up on solving the mystery of what happened to Lena.

    “This case has been on my radar since 2014,” says Dent County Prosecuting Attorney Andrew Curley. “To date, law enforcement has not developed probable cause to believe her death was the result of a homicide in Dent County. We will continue to investigate this matter and urge people with any information to come forward. We want to resolve this case and find out the truth. No family deserves to suffer in this manner. We need your help.”

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    House of Cards: Where is Lena Chapin?


    It was in June of 2006 that April Chandler and Joy McCullough, Gary McCullough's children from a previous marriage, filed a civil lawsuit against Sandy and Kris Klemp and Lena Chapin, alleging Sandy and Kris "knowingly took the life of their father," and named Lena as a co-conspirator.

    When Dent County Sheriff's deputies served Sandy and Kris with court papers on July 7, 2006, they asked where Lena could be located. Sandy said Lena had moved to Florida with a boyfriend earlier that year.

    "Sandy said [Lena] ran off to Florida and joined a carnival," Martin said.

    Again, the disappearance had never been reported by Lena's mother, who had custody of Coulter by that time. It was Robert Chapin, Lena's biological father, who finally contacted Epperly to report Lena's disappearance.
    As for Lena Chapin, who 10 years ago was a young mother on the brink of adulthood hoping to start a new life with her son, justice will be a long time coming.

    "The new sheriff in Dent County has opened a case and he is investigating as much as he can after the fact," Epperly said. "It doesn't help that Sandy and Kris and consistently refused to speak to the investigator about Lena's disappearance."

    Now divorced from Klemp and living in Mt. Vernon, local law enforcement officials now believe Sandy has married yet again, to Joe Wink, and continues to raise Lena's child as her own.

    "We're thinking she's back in the area flaunting it," Martin said. "She thinks she got away with it.

    "She's all about acquiring things. I can tell you, I have looked evil eye-to-eye many times. I've dealt with serial killers and rapists, but she is as cool as a cucumber. She has a lot of faces, and you don't see her true face until you make her angry."

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