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    Man mows 30 Foot "F-You" in his front lawn

    An Omaha, Neb., man has a rude message for his neighbors — mowed right into his front lawn. "When I first saw it, I saw the big 'U,' and I had to back up just to see if that's what it really said," local resident Bernie Horstmeyer told Omaha's KETV-TV.

    The two-word, seven-letter, very common expletive stretches about 30 feet across the man's front yard.

    Neighbors said the man, identified only by the last name Miller, had long put off mowing his unruly lawn, until the city recently gave him a warning. The pithy phrase appears to have been the result.

    "I have three children, and two of them will definitely know what that says. It worries me," neighbor Traci Tunzer told the TV station. "We don't want our children to be around that kind of stuff."

    Unfortunately for local residents, the lewd lawn is entirely legal.

    "As much as you might shake your head at what kind of reasoning is involved, it's not prohibited," explained Omaha city prosecutor Marty Conboy "A person who wants to make a statement in public that doesn't invoke a violent response is protected by the Constitution."


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    Talking Rofl!!!

    That is sooo funny! Wow! I applaud his exercise. And his neighbors? What a hoot. At least he's giving 'em something to talk about now.

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    LOL ~ That made me think about the bluff across the street from the high school that students always TP stuff on. One morning I was driving two of my teenage girls to school and we all saw it at the same time. A huge penis made out of TP!!!

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    Oh my garsh...what a creative way to express yourself...ahaha..he could always say that the aliens came down and did the whole crop circle thing, with a few added letters?

    Have respect for differing opinions.
    After all, we're equally entitled to our .

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    WTF!?! The guy didn't wanna cut his lawn so instead he 'cuts' a message in it that must have been harder then if he actually cut the lawn in it's entirety.

    Just goes to prove that the world is made up of Nut jobs!

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