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    Italy - Geoffrey Barton, 46, Cernobbio, 21 Nov 2013

    Geoffrey Page Barton
    Sex: M
    Age: 46 (when missing)
    Nationality: Australian
    Build: Slim
    Size: 180
    Eyes: gray
    Brown hair
    Clothing: gray coat, beige sweater, dark trousers, half boots suede; watch brand 'Casio' with metal bracelet
    Missing: Rovenna (Como), hamlet. Cernobbio
    Date of the missing: 21/11/2013

    Page Geoffrey Barton, 46, Australian entrepreneur for a long time in Italy, lives in Cernobbio (Como), in the hamlet of Rovenna. The companion has last seen the morning of Thursday, November 21, when it came out on foot to go to his company to international shipping in Paderno Dugnano (Milan). Office never arrived and his cell phone, an iPhone that rang vacuum up to 19, is off.

    For the disappearance of the entrepreneur of Australian nationality, resident in Switzerland and domiciled in Italy, the prosecutor in Como has opened an investigation for kidnapping. On the morning of Thursday, November 21 Page Geoffrey Barton left the house at around 10 to make a withdrawal from an ATM of 250Euro. A neighbor appeared at the window to smoke has seen him on his way home at a brisk pace, without an umbrella in pouring rain. His partner has reported that, after leaving the money and the ATM card, came out again to go to the office. It does not appear to have bought the ticket for the bus that takes usually not named her usual taxi driver. His cell phone in the afternoon he hooked a cell of Seveso. It is still unclear whether it went to someone who had appointments that day. E 'showed that even very large sums lent to friends and that his credit card was used by some of them who knew the codes.

    Others details:

    These info I got them from Who has seen? (Chi l'ha visto?) transmission Italian in charge of the missing who has even suggested that the man was part of the intelligence.

    The man would pay the sum of 550,000 Euros to someone. the partner guarantees that he made several calls; then it makes strange that an entrepreneur and man of the world as he has not received any calls throughout the day. Really they were not made and the companion mind?
    Or printouts can be manipulated? If this is technically possible, to secure the environment and the people frequented by Jeffrey are of the highest level and would not fail potential hooks and extraordinary means by those who would pollute the investigation.

    It seems strange that an entrepreneur like him view the notoriety, the turnover, friendships, etc etc etc, nobody has phoned the man after his death, at least according to the tabulation.
    This is not ONLY call the partner that are not, but there were no incoming calls from other users, or output. Which is quite STRANGE.

    another peculiarity: J was very attached to his sister Cindy, residing in Portugal, having grown almost viscerally orphans, and have never had secrets between them.
    some time ago asked the sister 400 thousand euro for some causal, but then her sister discovered that served to acquire the shares of Count Marzotto in a society that he and Jeffrey had together. a regular exchange of business in short, so why lie to his sister?
    (And why he did not go to their (apparently fertile) substances?)

    The company was started by his father in 1989 (I think also that his father started a similar feat in Australia), and then for him is a memory that probably represented a 'toy', was not decisive its fortunes, but there was probably fond of.

    Finally, during the call with the debtor, it would refer the companion, Jeffrey would tell him much altered (unusual for him) that the non-return of those 500 thousand would have dealt a blow to his company, but the guardian ad litem appointed after his death He tells us that the accounts are very good, it has an operating loss in the last budget, but a sum (44 thousand) fairly modest by comparison to the turnover millionaire company, which however until that year had always had good positive margins; beyond this, however, J was already a millionaire because of his inheritance then strange that "only" 500 thousand were all this drama.
    The said 'for show' with the debtor or indeed personal accounts of J were much less prosperous than expected? Then I am looking on the internet I actually found that his company IMX ITALY SRL sailed at least 2 years before it disappeared in a bad economy.

    Or is there some laps unclear about this man?
    To describe him as a man would seem so exceptional in many respects, that would seem to squeak this hypothesis, but it is also true that they tell him to be very generous and altruistic, may have been exposed with the underworld to help someone?

    Among the papers of Jeff is also a card issued by the Swiss embassy, ​​the diplomatic bag, in practice it is a pass that serves bearer to carry a 'diplomatic bag' (the bolgetta, in fact), but this can be controlled by some is that the customs security checks etcetc (both at the airport which, I presume, if stopped at a normal road block).
    GPB had a firm international shipping. However he also had a home in Switzerland.

    many questions, a case that looks intriguing.

    Link case
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    Paderno Dugnano (Milan), March 7, 2016 - After more than two years of investigation and research, the investigation into the death of Geoffrey Page Barton has been permanently closed. So, even today, what happened to the wealthy entrepreneur padernese, 46 and Australian origin, disappeared Sept. 21, 2013 from Cernobbio, it remains a mystery. There can be another term for this story, whose attempts at reconstruction have led to a unique result: nothing. Today, as then, the assumptions about what could have happened that Saturday, remain the same. They range from a voluntary disappearance, to suicide, to illness or an accident that occurred in an inaccessible place or not easily accessible, up to an attack for various reasons, or to a violent death.

    It might be everything, because nothing is ever intervened to steer an idea rather than another. Holder Imx of Paderno Dugnano - that after his death it had suffered at the close - Barton was released from his home in Rovenna, a hamlet of Cernobbio, on the morning of 21 September at 10.15. Walking has reached the center of the village, where he lived for some time and where he lived with his Italian girlfriend. At the ATM had taken 250 euro, then return home, where he had left the cash. From that moment, than he has not been heard. His cell phone had rung empty for hours, until 19.30 of the same day, when it was off, most likely to be out of battery.

    The police have reconstructed the last cell hooked was that Seveso, in Brianza, about ten kilometers from Paderno Dugnano: he was probably going to the company, but no one has ever seen it coming. The Como deputy prosecutor Antonio Nalesso, had opened a file, placing any verification possible.

    The police of the Investigative Unit of Como have mapped the phones, searched and heard witnesses, evaluated the merits of such exotic sightings, including that of a former employee, but none of these factors had led to something. Checks had been made on the society in which he had interests: including a Como attributable Australian entrepreneur, who was in charge of the realization of the tourism magazine "Lake Como Lifestyle Magazine."

    Barton also the partner and relatives, traced around the world, have not been able to be of help. His whole life has been rebuilt, except for the last few hours. Now the inquiries were closed, however, ready to be reopened in the event that were to reach a new and significant element.

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