Yes, thank you. Exactly my thought . Some men are just sick and yes he could very well have had a partner and had set this up. I sign think this was payback of any form. He set this up as a ruse so his sick self could watch. That's exactly what he did imo. He obviously has sick fantasies. To many coincidences for it to not been a ruse. And let's just say his gf did happen to be robbed and then raped (with him there btw...) that does not make one start raping, drugging and sodomizing half dead (or dead) women.... He has been sick from the start. And he set his own gf up for the rape. He wanted to watch as sick as it sounds but he obviously likes that Which is gut wrenching. They need to get this sick disgusting guy and lock him up before he hurts someone else. This is not good for him to be free.