A Shropshire woman screamed when her boyfriend gave her some flowers - and a scary exotic frog jumped out.

Kerry Swinton feared the frog could be poisonous. And experts believe it could be related to the Poison Arrow frog, which has enough venom to kill ten people.

Alec Webster, 25, bought the South American flowers in Bridgnorth and he presented them to Kerry, 29, in their car.

Kerry said: "I was admiring this bunch of flowers when I saw these eyes peering out at me.

"I screamed: "There's a frog" and tried to hold it away from me without scaring it while Alec stopped the car.

"It was dark with bright red patches and sucker feet - I immediately knew it wasn't of this country. We couldn't let it go because it could be deadly."

Alec pulled over and stuffed the flowers and frog in the boot. The couple dashed home and tried to identify their frog on the internet.

Alec said: "We thought it was a Poison Arrow frog which really was worrying. I'll buy her flowers again but I think I'll stick to roses now."