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    OH - John, 36, & Shelly Markley, 31, Bristolville, 15 Dec 1995

    I can't believe they are not already on here... I did a search so please forgive me if they already are.
    Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of their disappearance and that is incredibly sad.
    Is this what we now call a home invasion of some type. Most likely someone they knew, and were familiar with. Someone knew they were vulnerable and had just received a check for a large amount of money, and took advantage of the situation.

    If someone could find the Markley children on Facebook... I managed to find a few of them, would we be able to invite them... would they want to get on here and update on any activity do you think?

    Anyone from around the Bristolville, Ohio area? Anyone know the Markley family... Seems there may be a brother/sister of Shelly or John around... not to mention once again the children. (5 of them I think...)

    Finally, I'm hoping we can all keep an eye out tomorrow for any news updates. It has been since the near the year 2000 that there were any news articles.


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    New leads

    This was right outside of my hometown. The news today is saying there are new leads.

    BRISTOLVILLE, Ohio -There could be new information that may help solve the twenty-year-old mystery surrounding the disappearance of a Bristolville couple.

    On December 15th,1995, ten days before Christmas, the children of John and Shelly Markley came home from school to find their parents gone. And they would never see them again. Trumbull county Sheriff Tom Altiere was in his first term as Sheriff in 1995.

    "This has been on my mind for 20 years, this case," Altiere said. The Sheriff says they've just recently been investigating new information on the case.
    "As a matter of fact, a couple of weeks ago we got some more leads on this and it's funny because now it's the 20 year anniversary. We have interviewed three people last week and we're looking for three more people to interview," said Altiere.

    The Sheriff could not say more about who they are talking to.

    More at the link below:


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