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We are going to solve this one, one way or another. Hit's a little too close to home for me. I was living in Missoula in 1984 when Curtis went missing. I believe I actually met him once or twice through a good friend of mine who just passed away last year. My friends older brother and two sisters are still alive though and live in the Mission Valley on the Flathead Indian Reservation, as did I at one time in the later 80's too. One got very used to walking up where I lived on the side on the Mission Mountains sans electricity, totally off the grid, with only a freshwater spring to drink and get water from and running smack dab into a Grizzly Bear or two. The key is not to panic or run! As I stated, we will solve this one. Hopefully I am back from the health emergency I hit a few years ago, hence my disappearance from WS!! Carbuff? You and I probably know several of the same people and possibly each other. I wouldn't doubt it one bit. Let's find Curtis and everyone else missing from Montana but also solving other cases everywhere!
MontanaMan! You're back! I was worried about you--afraid you had gone to new adventures. I'm glad you're here.

Yes, we might well know the same people or each other.

Do you think he might have disappeared into the wilderness and lived off the grid for several years?