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    Red face Clogging someone else's toilet

    'Don't panic': Here's what to do when you've clogged someone else's toilet

    Karen B. Gibbs


    Lots of embarrassing things can happen in a bathroom, but none are worse than clogging someone else's toilet!

    So what do you when you're flushed but the toilet's not? To bail you out of this awkward situation, we asked Mr. Rooter franchisee Jamie Smith of Baltimore for some professional plumbing tips. Even if you're not a gambler, he knows the surest way to get a straight flush...


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    Omg, this is what happened when an acquaintance visited us last year. He came out of the bathroom and asked for a plunger. Not thinking, I immediately asked why! Duh...

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    Constipation can cause more problems than the obvious. Especially when it won't flush away,,hahahahahah it's not funny, it's embarassing.

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    The reason this happens so much more often nowadays than it used to in the "old days" is that all toilets are now manufactured to be "water savers". Originally standard home toilets used as much as 5 gallons of water per flush. Some thrifty homeowners would place objects like bricks into the tank to displace some of the water in order to try to keep their water bill down.

    Today's toilets flush on 2 gallons or less. BUT they just cannot take a large load of human waste PLUS toilet paper. Thus, if you know that you - or your child - is a "toilet clogger" type, first flush the toilet, then wipe, then flush away the paper. This is not the way we learned to do it. But we can learn new ways of doing things. It can save a lot of embarrassment.

    One of my biggest shocks was during a visit to South America some years ago. They do not flush toilet paper in South America. It is deposited into a container located on the floor beside the toilet. This was everywhere including in the airports and in the hotel rooms. Yecch!

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