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    NY - Mason Whyte Feliciano, 2 months, Murdered by Father

    Fallen leaves and a cross made from tree branches marked the shallow upstate grave where cops found the battered body of a 2-month-old Bronx boy beaten to death by his own father, who was angry that the infant’s mother wasn’t paying him enough attention, sources and a relative said.

    Little Mason Whyte Feliciano’s helpless but routine cries were apparently the last straw.

    What followed was a 10-day odyssey that included a merciless murder, a threat to kill again, a convoluted coverup, a frantic drive, a random burial spot, a psychotic breakdown, a therapeutic confession, a hunt for a tiny body and — finally — the arrest of a domineering, narcissistic, heartless abuser-turned killer, authorities said.

    If outsiders were relying on Facebook to tell the tale, they would see a story of a happy couple ecstatic over the birth, mere weeks ago, of a beautiful baby boy.

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    It's hard for me to believe that monsters like this walk among us. I hope this piece of $#!% spends the rest of his miserable life in jail...

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    “First I tried to hold him... then I tried to feed him, but that didn’t work,” the 51-year-old dad told investigators on Saturday. “Then I tried to hold him some more.

    “Then I put my hand around his throat until he lost consciousness.

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