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    PA - Two residents & perp killed in Pittsburgh home invasion, 20 Dec 2015


    Jaimill Kenny :: Male / 16 Years Old

    Akeilah Solomon :: F / 20

    Kadeem Williams :: M / 25

    The City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Cnty, is in South-Western, PA.

    Day 2

    Mon., Dec. 21st: KDKA-TV :

    http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2015/...eld-apartment/ :

    Includes Video


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    When a Bloomfield man shot at the person who broke into his apartment, his bullets left three people dead — his girlfriend and 16-year-old brother, as well as the intruder — but the Allegheny County district attorney said Tuesday it’s unclear whether he will face homicide charges...

    Mr. Zappala said the three bullets that killed Jaimill Kenney, 16, Akeilah Solomon, 20, and Kadeem Williams, 25, came from that handgun, which had been reported stolen in Butler County...

    The district attorney said police also found nearly $14,000 cash and 2 ounces of “high-grade” marijuana with a street value of $1,000 in the apartment.

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    While you can protect yourself in your home, this guy was a felon with a stolen gun, so it sure doesn't seem he had a right to protect himself using a gun. In addition, it appears he managed to shoot and kill two of his own relatives in the process of protecting himself with a gun he wasn't supposed to have.
    Just my opinion

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    Bloomfield man charged, but not with homicide, in deadly apartment shootout


    Citing state law that allows people to defend themselves in their homes, authorities did not charge the resident of a Bloomfield apartment with homicide after he survived a shootout in December that left three others dead during an attempted robbery,

    But during the investigation, detectives said they found marijuana and a large amount of cash in his apartment then discovered the man could not possess a gun because of prior convictions.

    Pittsburgh police Friday charged Meiko Devaughn, 22, with the corresponding crimes: persons not to possess a firearm, drug possession and possession with intent to deliver.

    Police said Devaughn fired a .40-caliber pistol at Kadeem Williams, 25, of the Homestead area, after Williams entered Devaughn’s South Mathilda Street apartment through the first-floor window Dec. 21 in an attempted robbery. Williams was killed, as was Devaughn’s girlfriend, Akeilah Solomon, 20, and brother, Jaimill Kenney, 16.

    Investigators said bullets from Devaughn’s gun killed all three, but he has not been charged in the deaths and may never be if he’s protected under the Castle Doctrine, which Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. alluded to a day after the shootings.

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