Age last seen: 43

Age now: 45
Race: White female
Hair color: Brown; Long brown hair with possible blonde streaks. Could also be dyed Black with bangs, similar to a "betty poop" cartoon style.
Eyes Color: Blue; large round shaped eyes with long lashes
Height: 64.0 to 65.0
Weight: 120.0 to 130.0
Scars and Marks: Tattoos: 6+ tats, 1 pin up girl on Shoulder/arm, 1 pin up girl on back, cheetah print on opposite shoulder/arm, 1 tat on base of spine, 1 large dragon on stomach from navel wrapping around to back, 1 heart with inscription "daddy" on upper thigh; piercing: ears

Clothing and accessories:
possible jeans t-shirt and sweat shirt

Gwendolyn Mary was last seen on October 17, 2013 in Costa Mesa, California. Possibly traveling with a male.

Anyone that has seen or may know the whereabouts of Brogna is asked to contact Costa Mesa Police Department.