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    MI - Richard Streicher, 7, Ypsilanti, 7 March 1935

    Lengthy new article, mlive.com:

    Murder of 7-year-old remains unsolved after 80 years

    Eighty years ago, someone got away with murder in Ypsilanti.

    Richard Streicher Jr., a 7-year-old boy, went out sledding on a late winter evening never to return. He was found days later underneath a footbridge over the Huron River with 14 stab wounds. Officials initially thought it might be the work of a "sex maniac" or some other local "degenerate."

    Despite a Michigan-wide murder probe in the days, weeks and months that followed, a motive was never determined, the weapon never found, the case never solved.
    the rest at link above

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    I just noticed this case today. Infuriating that no one was ever punished. They were probably right about a sexual element even though there wasn't any sign of rape.
    This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

    Stan Reid

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    Boy murdered in 80-year-old cold case to get gravestone in Ypsilanti


    For more than 80 years, the young victim of a cold-case murder has rested in an unmarked grave at an Ypsilanti cemetery.

    That changes on Saturday, Oct. 15, when Richard Streicher Jr., who was just 7-years-old when brutally stabbed, is remembered in a graveside ceremony at Highland Cemetery.

    "His case was never solved and, to add insult to injury, his grave has been unmarked all these years," Sisk told The Ann Arbor News at the time. "This boy deserves to be recognized that he lived a life and he mattered."
    Dedication of the monument and graveside services are set for 11 a.m. Saturday at Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti, with the Rev. Matthew Postiff officiating.

    "I don't plan a long sermon, but I do want to say some things related to the precious gift of life that all humans share, as well as to review the story of young Richard that you reported in December last year," Postiff told The News in an email. "I am also thinking about sharing some thoughts on why terrible things like this happen in our world."

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    Ypsilanti boy who died in 80-year-old cold case gets a gravestone


    Had Richard Streicher Jr. lived, he'd be in his late 80s, just like Paul Woodside, a school chum who was one of the last people to see the Ypsilanti boy alive in 1935.

    "He was kind of a quiet boy," Woodside said. "As far as I know, I'm the only one around here who remembers him."

    Woodside was among about 30 people who gathered at Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti the morning of Saturday, Oct. 15. They came to dedicate a gravestone for Streicher, who has rested in an unmarked grave there since being brutally murdered.

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    So glad a gravestone was finally raised for this poor kid. But so sad (and strange) it wasn't done 80 years ago, by his own parents...or his well-to-do grandparents?

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