Paula Marie Zickefoose and her brother Talmadge were found dead in Paula's apartment back in 1984. Paula was shot once and Talmadge was shot & stabbed multiple times. One theory is that Talmadge was walking in for a visit while the killer was inside the apartment.

Investigators were able to get a clear fingerprint from the scene, hoping they could quickly find a suspect. However, no match was ever made and the case remains unsolved.

Dallas Cold Cases

On January 16, 1984, officers responded to a call at 6234 Fisher Road #165. The victims Paula Marie Zickefoose W/F/38 and Talmadge Willard Jenkins W/M/31 were found deceased. Victim Zickefoose died from a single gunshot and victim Jenkins died from multiple stab and gunshot wounds. Leads at the time did not result in an arrest.

Cold Case Files: Double Homicide in Northeast Dallas

Initially, investigators were hopeful that they’d be able to solve the crime. They had managed to lift a very clear fingerprint from the scene. But none of the evidence collected led to an arrest.
He told the Advocate that he believes the fingerprints found at the scene in 1984 should be retested with today’s technology, which could help find a suspect.
Cold case: Trying to solve the 1984 East Dallas murder of Marie Zickefoose

In January 1984 Marie Jenkins Zickefoose was discovered dead in her bed in her Skillman-Northwest Highway apartment, an open magazine at her side. Investigators guess she was reading when her killer struck.

Her brother Talmadge Willard Jenkins, his bloody and lifeless body nearby, apparently visited at the wrong time, interrupting the crime. Though investigators lifted a good print from the scene, they could not track down the murderer.