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    Who’s to blame in David Molak’s death?

    In the days following the suicide of David Molak, the 16-year-old former Alamo Heights High School student who killed himself Jan. 4 after being cyberbullied, a slew of students and parents went online to vent their anger and affix blame in his death.

    Some point fingers at what they say is an insular, privileged culture of Alamo Heights itself, where youths are sorted into cliques not just by how much money they have, but how connected their families are to the blue-blooded elite that helped settle San Antonio.

    This one caught my attention.
    Commenters on websites such as Reddit.com and ExpressNews.com accused him of pushing another boy down a water slide before he was ready to go. The boy landed in the water and struck the boy who died, 12-year-old Reed Kelley. Kelley didn’t resurface and drowned.

    But interviews and public records show the allegations of bullying in that incident were never proven.

    A police report released last week by the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office concluded that Kelley’s death on Sept. 21, 2013, was an accident, and it was unclear whether any pushing occurred.

    “At this time there is no physical evidence, eyewitness statement or further indication that Reed Kelley came to his death through any means other than an accidental drowning,” sheriff’s investigator Zachary McBride wrote.

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    Wow. As a homeowner and parent, it is perfectly legal to cut off phones and internet if they are adversely affecting your family. He could have gone to the private school and not been bothered at home by former classmates. I am not blaming anybody. I just don't understand why even the young man not using the number blocking feature on his phone. Why keep the door open for evil, bullying, whatever you choose to call it. Like physical self-defense, we need to teach our kids psychological self-defense.
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