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    Quote Originally Posted by KaylaraOwl View Post
    Sent it in. The namus contact is Carrie, and I've never gotten a response from her when I sent possible matches in. (Or from Pamela, either.) Hopefully I'll hear about this one.
    Congrats KaylaraOwl! Looks like this match wouldn't have happened yet had you not listed it here. Once you do that, it's fair game for others to call in.
    Word of advice, if you have a very promising match, you may want to leave NamUs out, especially if it's one of the RSA's that don't answer you or add them to the loop by saying you turned it in and to whom. I'm pretty disgusted with them. It's very unprofessional that the reps don't answer because they're supposed to be public friendly.

    I turned in Kerry Graham and Francine Trimble (who was listed in part to me) to Todd and Carrie, Carrie did not answer my 1st one, then implied she didn't think there was a match but said she passed it on. My friend ended up calling it in, by that time they'd already matched on dentals. I'm still not sure if Carrie ever did pass it on and to who because she refused to answer me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricia View Post
    By the way, the article has removed his line:

    “I’m grateful to Websleuths, along with the coroners and detectives who helped me work on finding my father,” Hector Islas said. “I think they’re superheroes of sorts for the missing and the unidentified.”

    Which is too bad because this shows people that Websleuths can make a difference. I have no idea why they removed this particular line. My guess it had to do with space.
    Well, this article has the recognition for WebSleuths:

    "In January of 2016, Websleuths.com members were able to identify a connection between Joaquin’s missing persons information on the coroner’s website with the content on the NAMPN website. After discovering the discussion on Websleuths.com, Hector contacted the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office."


    Great Work here!

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    Quote of Forager Post
    : Thanks for that. I know that KaylaraOwl had sent a notice of her discovery of the apparent match in to NamUs. I've just sent a note to the Sacramento coroner to cover that end in case no one had earlier.
    Quote Originally Posted by DeDee View Post
    Treats for everyone are on me !

    Thank you, Forager. I've admired your work on other cases as well. Same goes for our dear departed SAR friend, Glenn, username FoxFire. I visited a thread where FoxFire had posted last and could not bear to write under his words. This should and does feel rewarding. Jolly good work. FoxFire would be pleased, too.
    Thank you for that! It feels good to have been part of something productive like this, and does the ego good to have it noticed. I do hope that Kaylaraow has gotten word of her match.

    And I do miss Foxfire. I'd gotten to meet him a couple of times. Warm, engaging, fascinated by everything, and always ready to tell you more on any subject. I'm sure that he would have nodded knowingly at the delays in identifying Moreno, and launched into an enthusiastic discussion of how valuable public involvement can be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaylaraOwl View Post
    I contacted them because I wanted the various groups involved to get credit. I told them it didn't matter if they mentioned me as long as they credited websleuths, doenetwork, and namus.
    The Doe Network mentions your WS name in its closed section. I was like I know that name!
    Who Killed Bryan Smith?

    Say hello 2 heaven Chris Cornell

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    I contacted them when he was identified because I wanted to make sure that websleuths, doe network, and namus all got credit for since with out all those groups working on this case, the information wouldn't have been out there to be found.

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    If it wasn't for one of Anderson’s sketches, Hector Islas may still be looking for his father, Joaquin Islas-Moreno.

    In the summer of 1980, a runner found Moreno dead in a Sacramento almond orchard. At the time, there was no way to identify the body. Hector was just five years old when his father left their home in Arizona.

    "After my mother and father divorced, I think he took it hard and started drinking more and I guess became a migrant field worker,” said Hector.

    For the better part of his life, Hector searched California police and death records for his father.

    "I never thought he would be in Sacramento,” she said. “I looked in Fresno, but not that far north."

    In 2007, Anderson was asked to make a sketch of Hector’s father from the old crime scene photos.
    "The report said he had a full head of black curly hair with signs of greying," she continued.
    For 10 years, Anderson's sketch made its way to many missing person organizations. Then in 2016, Hector saw it.
    "His mustache,” said Hector. “The way it was trimmed is how I recognized it."
    A DNA test confirmed that the man in Anderson’s sketch was Hector’s father, a man who went unidentified for more 36 years. It took nine years for her sketch to reaches Hector. But according to Anderson, that’s less than the average timeframe.

    “Oh, on average its about 10 to 20 years for us on a lot of these cases,” Anderson said.
    There are 73 active “John Doe” and “Jane Doe” case files with the Sacramento County Coroner's Office. But with a lot of patience and a good sketch, the unidentified faces do find names.

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    Very good KaylaraOwl. Thanks for caring, wonderful eyes and soul you have. RIP Mr. Moreno.

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