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    Quote Originally Posted by Saul Vesalot View Post
    I would be willing to bet, that if they tried to get Brendan to confess to the crime all by himself, he would have done that. He would've confessed to faking the moon landing with Stanley Kubrick if they pushed that on him long enough. Brendan may have well believed Steven was guilty. Or maybe he didn't think the police would lie (full grown adults get furious if you say that the police lie). Or maybe he is just really easily confused and wanted to get out of the pressure they were putting on him and the easiest way to do that as far as he knew was to just give the police what they wanted.

    You find that with victims of all sorts of crimes. Don't fight. Don't scream. Follow orders, get this over with as fast and with as little violence as possible. This is no different. Brendan was doing his best to hand over his wallet so he could get on with his day, just with his luck, he ran into criminals that wanted more than his wallet, they were determined to take his life from him.
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    . How in the very least did BD not have a Social Worker. It's clear this family was in need of services. In the very least the school social worker should have been present knowing his current functioning. Makes me sick.

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