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View Poll Results: Is Steven Avery responsible for the murder of Teresa Halbach?

650. You may not vote on this poll
  • He did it

    203 31.23%
  • Some other guy did it

    43 6.62%
  • Looks guilty at this point

    62 9.54%
  • Not guilty based on evidence I've seen thus far

    138 21.23%
  • Undecided, but believe new trial is in order

    195 30.00%
  • Undecided all around; more information required

    41 6.31%
Multiple Choice Poll.

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    Steven Avery: Guilty of Teresa Halbach's Murder?

    I voted a new trial is needed but honestly I'm not sure that would even suffice. It's basically impossible to do at this point but the entire investigation would need a do-over. If it's a new trial, it would be with all the same tainted questionable evidence.

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    Steven Avery: Guilty of Teresa Halbach's Murder?

    What say you?

    ETA: I couldn't edit the first poll to revise the options, so I had to start a new one. My apologies. You may vote on more than one choice in this thread.
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    At this point, I'm leaning that he did it but that there was definitely questionable activity on the part of a few members of LE. I think they decided to help the investigation along to "make sure a conviction stuck" - which is kind of ironic now....

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    I think I'm on the "he's guilty but the investigation was a mess".

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    I think it was someone the victim knew well.

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    I am convinced he committed the murder; and that he intimidated his nephew into participating. I also think the police wanted to be darn sure that he was convicted, so helped out with some evidence. The main concern at this point for me is what I feel is unfair tactics with Brendan.

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    I think he probably did it, but I can't be sure. At this point the reasonable doubt is big enough to drive a RAV4 through it.

    Also if a killer goes free, it will be entirely the fault of the investigating agencies for muddling things so much that a conviction is impossible.

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    I think if there are too many options and it gets all muddled

    I think there are absolutes that can be pinpointed in the poll.

    for example :

    What do you believe right now ?

    Undecided - need more information

    Another might be :

    Do you believe police planted evidence :

    Undecided - willing to consider this could have happened.

    Personally, I think that's cleaner. If there was only one user per vote, that they could change at any time, you could even track how overall impressions changed over time and cross reference with new details that emerge.

    I voted "looks guilty", but I also think that he needs a new trial, because I have tons of questions and suspicion.

    "looks guilty" is an impression, but not as definitive.

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    I selected option 5, based on using reasonable doubt as a compass.
    I don't think though at this point a new trial would be possible?
    Has too much time passed?
    What about the DNA that was completely used up in testing?
    If I went with my gut feeling, I think that he is most likely guilty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivernh View Post
    I think he probably did it, but I can't be sure. At this point the reasonable doubt is big enough to drive a RAV4 through it.

    Also if a killer goes free, it will be entirely the fault of the investigating agencies for muddling things so much that a conviction is impossible.
    I agree. Our justice system depends on fair trials. If SA gets a new trial there will be almost no evidence of forensic value allowed back in due to the improprieties of LE. Nobodies fault but their own. And we know some of the testimony is even questionable. If anything, the defense can prepare an even better defense. TH's family are the real losers. This has to be putting them through even more hell. I am sure they feel SA is still guilty and may have to deal with him being freed. And if SA gets a new trial and goes free it seems unlikely many of us will ever be sure of who killed her.

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    If anyone can find who buried her where she was found, that is not an Avery relative or friend of some sort, I would consider a new trial. Otherwise, this is a serial mini-series with an agenda. There are plenty of those out there.
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    He did it along with several others that also need to be in prison.

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    I think a lot of people will believe he did it based on his past, and not the evidence.

    ( The "Just Look At Him" conviction. " Of course he's guilty just look at him!")

    Imo, The saddest , most troubling aspect of discussing this case, are the people who say;

    "So what if evidence WAS planted, he did it, and he's right were he belongs."

    Like one of the lawyers said; " You might know for certain you'll never commit a crime, but you can never be sure you won't be accused of one, and to stand accused, is to be considered guily."

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    Evidence he killed her

    I don't actually see any evidence that Avery killed Halbach that I don't believe was planted. For the many of you who think he did it, which evidence do you think points to him?
    -Beth In Alaska

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