If you see a bald man with no eyebrows and weird racing stripes shaved into his leg hair today, stay out of his way.

He's on a mission only a true Chicago sports fan could appreciate -- or survive.

Matt Mroz, a wood sales rep from New Lenox, won a WSCR-AM (670) sports radio contest giving him tickets today to see the Bears, Cubs, Sox and Blackhawks -- all home games

It's an extremely rare confluence of home dates. Stats Inc. of Morton Grove says it's the first time in 22 years the Bears, Cubs and Sox have had regular season home games the same day. The Hawks are playing a preseason game.

The Score jumped at the chance to give a fan a Chicago sports marathon. During Thursday's "Boers and Bernstein" show, they asked listeners, "What Would You Do for These Tickets?"

Mroz, it turns out, was willing to get out the razor and clippers.

He had his dark hair, goatee, sideburns and eyebrows shorn off. He threw in the leg hair racing stripes for good measure.

"And some razor burn, I might add," said Mroz, 28, a Cubs fan.