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    MD - Baltimore - New video in Shaun Mouzon shooting

    Video raises questions about 2013 police shooting

    Laronde's report said he observed what he believed to be the handle of a handgun in Mouzon's waistband. Mouzon noticed the police presence and got into his car. The video shows Mouzon turn onto Edmonson Avenue and get stopped in traffic.

    Laronde's report said "Mr. Mouzon let off the brakes and began to accelerate towards the officers in front of the vehicle. At this time, a police-involved shooting occurred."
    Officer Fabien Laronde wrote the report. He has been the subject of numerous 11 News I-Team investigations and misconduct complaints filed by residents. The city has settled some lawsuits against Laronde for more than $175,000.
    Video casts doubts on Baltimore police-involved shooting from 2013

    "No weapon is found yet they charge him with possession of a handgun on the probable cause statement, which is under oath,” Pettit said, “They charge him in the investigatory papers to the state's attorney and to the police department that he has a gun."

    The charges were ultimately dropped, but Mouzon filed a lawsuit against the department after the officers were cleared.
    The story they told doesn't match up to the video imo. Shaun is lucky to be alive.

    This happened in 2013. Three years later and still no justice for Mouzon. How long should it take?

    Videos and lots more at the links.

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    One more.

    Attorney says video disputes police account of shooting

    When police officers shot Shaun Mouzon in January 2013, an officer wrote in charging documents that they did so because Mouzon had driven his car at them. But attorney A. Dwight Pettit said surveillance camera video he obtained from the city under a public records request tells a different story.

    "The car was stopped in traffic," Pettit said. "The allegation that their lives were in danger by the movement of the car is absolutely ridiculous and is an absolute misstatement of the facts."

    The video, also obtained by The Baltimore Sun through a records request, shows Mouzon's vehicle pulling into traffic at a stoplight on Edmondson Avenue, with several officers following in an unmarked patrol car, their lights activated.

    Officers run up to the driver's and passenger sides. It is unclear when the officers begin firing, but none appear to be standing directly in front of the car as it slowly pulls off and then flees the area.

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    Oh wow that car wasn't moving at all.

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