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    Rhyl, Prestatyn, and Abergele Journal:

    Forty years after mysterious death of Colwyn Bay teen in London, appeal for information

    Wales Online:

    'I donít think Iíll ever find the truth now' Appeal renewed over death of teenager 40 years on


    Colwyn Bay's Peter Watts appeal 40 years after death

    South Wales Evening Post:

    Police appeal for help in death of Welsh teen Peter Watts in London four decades ago

    London Evening Standard:

    Fresh appeal 40 years after mysterious death of 15-year-old boy

    From Fortean Times:

    January 1976: Peter Watts, a 15 year-old boy from Colwyn Bay, Wales left his home on the morning of the 18th. Little did his friends and family know that he would not be seen alive again. He had left a note saying he was going to a friends house to study for an exam. Soon after 1:30 that afternoon, he was found dying in the underpass near Euston Square tube station in London. A taxi-driver found him lying on the road with a severely fractured skull and rushed him to a nearby University College Hospital, where he died. Peter's father said he knew no one in London. His skull injury, cracked ribs and fractured shoulder were all consistent, in the coroner's view, with a fall from a great height rather than from an assault or self-injury. The police could find no positive witness who might have seen the boy travel by train to Chester and then London, arriving at Euston station, at that time a notorious cruising area for 'rent boys.' More curious was the fact that forensic examination revealed that the boy and his clothes were "impeccably clean" as though he had just been bathed. Even his wound had no sign of the grit expected if he had fallen on his head from the overpass above. The mystery death of 'the Super-Clean boy' was one of the first strange deaths I (Bob Rickard) investigated. FT21:13

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    North Wales Daily Post:

    Timeline of Peter Watts murder investigation
    How his death was reported from 1976-1977

    Riddle of how Colwyn Bay boy Peter Watts died in London

    How the death of the Colwyn Bay teenager was reported in January 29, 1976

    Peter Watts funeral held in Colwyn Bay
    How the death of the Colwyn Bay teenager was reported in February 5 1976

    Peter Watts inquest hears teen's body could have been 'bathed' as jurors return murder verdict
    How the inquest of the Colwyn Bay teenager was reported in May 1976

    Peter Watts' death 'most puzzling' for detectives
    How the death of the Colwyn Bay teenager was reported on January 11, 1977

    and from 2016....

    Shropshire Star:

    Police to meet 'witness' over death of Welsh teenager in London 40 years ago
    Detectives are to meet soon with a potential witness in the 40-year-old case involving the
    mysterious death of Welsh teenager amid suggestion he may have been hit by a police car.
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    Btw, not believing this cabbie's tale; you?

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    The injuries seem completely inconsistent with being hit by a car as this cab driver is now saying. The name of this cab driver is not the name of the cabbie mentioned at the time.

    So no, not believing him.


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    Lots of cabs around Euston, I expect, but, even given what we now might think of as limitations of ready access to media at the time, this young man's death was part of the conversation when it occurred; not buying that this guy sat on his piece of the puzzle for 40 years, wondering its context and import, and now seeks "closure" by coming forward on the tragedy's anniversary. Don't think so.

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