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    OK - Prue, WhtFem UP9925, 35-45, found in burned bus, Aug'11

    NamUs UP Case 9925


    Unidentified White female
    * Found August 4, 2011 in Osage County, OK
    * Estimated Year of Death: 2011

    Vital Statistics
    * Estimated age: Adult - 35-45
    * Approximate Height: 62 Estimate
    * Distinguishing Characteristics:
    History of broken upper right leg (femur).
    * Dentals: Dental information / charting is not available

    * Clothing/Jewelry: Nothing

    * DNA:
    Complete - Insufficient DNA for profiling

    Case History:
    Skeletal remains found in a burned bus. Thought to be Donna Ann Wilson.

    Donna Ann Wilson Namus:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Romulus View Post
    Your map is in Italian. When I first opened it up, I got confused because the text on the map made me think it was Louisiana (where many things have French-derived names). All romance languages kinda look the same to me.

    Here's the English version...
    2532 County Road 1575
    Prue, OK 74060

    Also, I found an age discrepancy for Wilson.
    Donna Ann Wilson Charley Project says that she was 34 when she disappeared
    Donna Wilson (NamUs MP # 11927) NamUs says that she was 41 when she disappeared

    I guess they just don't have any way (DNA/dentals) to prove that the remains are hers. It's pretty damn likely that this is her due to time/location being so close. Prue seems too small for these not to match (population of a little under 500).

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