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    NY - Deandre Bloomfield, disabled & 13, Set Ablaze by Bully, Staten Island 2 Dec 2015

    About 9:45 p.m. last Wednesday, Deandre was hanging out at a community center near the West Brighton Houses when the suspect invited him to his apartment.


    The bullying started a few minutes later.

    “First he smacked me. I got up and I said, ‘Don’t smack me again.’ And when I wanted to leave, he picked up a perfume bottle with a lighter, and he sprayed it on me,” Deandre recalled.


    A handicapped 13-year-old has been hospitalized with second and third degree burns after being lit on fire by a bully.
    Deandre Bloomfield, who walks with a heavy limp and was previously bullied at school, was invited over to another boy's house on Staten Island, New York, before the classmate sprayed cologne towards him and set the liquid alight with a match.


    Allen said that other children often call her son 'Limpy' and that he just wants friends who will call him by his real name.


    Ursula Allen says her son, Deandre Bloomfield, was first harassed at his school and then severely burned by a classmate who pretended to be his friend.

    Bloomfield has a walking disability that has apparently made him a target of bullies. A suspect has since been arrested, and now, Allen is speaking out, saying her son is covered with second- and third-degree burns, drifting in and out of consciousness and in a lot of pain.


    The bully's mother and sister then allegedly waited two hours while Deandre screamed in pain before calling 911. Deandre's mother wants charges against them for attempting to cover the crime up by removing his clothing and putting him into a shower.

    Two torturous hours this boy received no medical attention. I can't even imagine that kind of pain.
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    So sad. I hope Deandre finds real friends.

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    It is inconceivable that the mother of the bully would not be charged. I hope this boy has an ally in the prosecutor's office because he could use a friend there to make sure no other adult plays a part in harming him.

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    This goes way beyond bullying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HMSHood View Post
    This goes way beyond bullying.
    I agree. I hope they are charged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HMSHood View Post
    This goes way beyond bullying.
    I agree. But I also wonder what 13 yr old would be allowed to go to a friends house at 9:45 pm and what kind of parent would allowed their young teen to invite friends over at almost 10:00 pm?

    I hope the young teen fully recovers.

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