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    NJ - Marianne DeMartin, 52, Marlton, 23 Sept 2005

    Her story was on NBC10 this evening (not articles yet). She works for the corporate offices of a retail store (I think Talbots?). She missed many appointments on Saturday, and a trip to France (yesterday).

    Her 2001 Mustang convertible is missing... her credit cards and cell phone were still in the house.

    I'll keep an eye on developments/articles.

    More info...

    Sep 28, 2005 2:27 pm US/Eastern
    Police Searching For Missing Marlton Woman

    (CBS 3) MARLTON, NJ The Evesham Township Police Department is asking for help from the public in searching for a missing Marlton woman.

    Police say, Marianne DeMartin, 52, was last seen and heard from at approximately 7 p.m., Friday, September 28, 2005. Her car, a black, 2001, Ford Mustang convertible is also unaccounted for.

    According to police, DeMartin was scheduled to leave for Paris, France, Tuesday and did not arrive to catch her flight.

    DeMartin’s relatives say she is an extremely dedicated career woman and it is unlike her to take off without contacting her family or employer.

    Marianne DeMartin is described as a white female, 5'6", 125 lbs., with blond hair and blue eyes.

    Police are urging anyone with information to call the Citizens Confidential Tip Line at 856-983-4699.

    She looks a lot younger than she is...
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    This kind of sound like a case we had in Atlanta last week. A sex offender boosted Kim Boyd's car with her inside and raped her. He steered the car into a truck and she ultimately died. Sounds like carjacking to me and Ms.Demartin doesn't sound like a woman to take off.

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    She actually left her purse with credit cards and cell phone behind. She has a very old dog that she has had for years who the police say she would never have left alone with no one to take care of it.

    This is pretty scary. Just like a lot of our missing people...she just vanished into thin air. It doesn't sound like there was any evidence of a fight at her place like someone took her against her will. She must have disappeared from her home for her purse, etc to still be at home...but her car is gone. Her driver's license must be in her purse. Hope she is found because this really doesn't sound right.

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    Woman's Disappearance Baffles Police
    Personal Items Left In Woman's Home


    Marianne DeMartin, 52, works in the corporate offices of White House Black Market, an upscale women's clothing store.

    DeMartin lives in the 1900 block of Sagemore Drive in Marlton.

    Police said that her purse, bankcards, identification, cell phone and other personal items were left in her home.

    Her dog was left without food. However, her car is gone.

    Police are looking for a 2001 Ford Mustang convertible with New Jersey license plates LHF-53K.

    Authorities describe DeMartin as a white female, 5 feet 6 inches tall, 125 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.

    She also frequents casinos located in Atlantic City, NJ. She is a smoker and is a regular customer at Starbucks.


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    Marlton woman now missing since Friday

    Thursday, September 29, 2005


    DeMartin's family last saw her around 7 p.m. Friday. They reported her missing on Sunday, and she failed to show up for a family vacation on Tuesday.
    DeMartin, who works for a women's clothing company, is described as extremely dedicated to her career.

    She regularly makes contact with her employer but failed to do so this week, police said. She missed several work-related appointments on Saturday.

    Marianna DeMartin is 5 feet 6 inches tall and 125 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. She may be driving her black 2001 Ford Mustang, with New Jersey license plates LHF-53K. Anyone with information is asked to call Evesham police at (856) 983-1118, the confidential tip line at (856) 983-4699 or the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office at (609) 265-5035.


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    She lives right down the street from where she works...

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    Breaking news- Her car was just found in Voorhees, NJ... Behind a shopping center- locked and parked. She was not in the vehicle. I'll keep watching the TV and let you know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by audrey77
    Breaking news- Her car was just found in Voorhees, NJ... Behind a shopping center- locked and parked. She was not in the vehicle. I'll keep watching the TV and let you know!

    Thanks....sure sounds like foul play to me. I hope she is found before she becomes another sad story...darn it.

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    Missing Evesham Woman's Car Found

    September 29, 2005 -

    There is a major development in the search for a missing Marlton woman. Forty-two-year old Marianne DeMartin has been missing since Friday. Her car was missing too until Thursday.

    Fifty-two-year-old Marianne DeMartin hasn't been seen since Friday.
    She is missing along with her black Ford Mustang Convertible. Her car has now been found.

    Her purse and credit cards and cell phone were found inside her apartment in Marlton. DeMartin hasn't contacted her employer and didn't show up for a scheduled trip to Paris on Saturday. If you know anything about her disappearance please call police.


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    Police Dig Deep To Unearth Clues To Missing N.J. Woman's Fate
    Demartin Scheduled To Go To Paris With Mother

    UPDATED: October 1, 2005

    VOORHEES, N.J. -- Police dug deep on Friday to uncover any evidence that might lead to a missing Marlton, N.J., woman.

    NBC 10 News reported that a car belonging to Marianne Demartin was found in a parking lot. Police, however, won't say what evidence they may have gotten from what appeared to be a video camera monitoring the lot. Police also declined to comment on what they might have found in a trash bin in Cherry Hill, N.J., that was searched. Police said they didn't find any significant clues, NBC 10 News reported.

    Police released an updated photo of Demartin, and also released a photo of her car, which was found near several trash bins in Voorhees.

    Police said there wasn't any evidence of foul play, adding that Demartin's purse, cell phone and credit cards, along with other personal effects, were found in her home during a search earlier this week. Demartin was described as a dedicated business executive who also frequented casinos in Atlantic City.

    Demartin's mother said she and her daughter were scheduled to take a trip to Paris this weekend, NBC 10 News reported.


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    Monday, October 10, 2005

    Authorities on Sunday reported no progress in their search for a missing township woman.

    Marianne DeMartin, 52, of Sagemore Drive, was last seen Sept. 23. She has missed several work-related appointments and a scheduled trip to France.

    Police recovered DeMartin's car from behind the Avian Plaza shopping center off Evesham Road in Voorhees.

    Anyone with information is asked to call police at (856) 983-1118, the confidential tip line at (856) 983-4699 or the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office at (609) 265-5035.

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    Surveillance video taken from the parking lot where a missing township woman's car was found shows a man near her vehicle at one point, police said.

    Authorities found Marianne DeMartin's 2001 black Ford Mustang behind the Avian Plaza shopping center off Evesham Road in Voorhees on Sept. 29, six days after she disappeared.

    There were no visible signs of damage and the car's doors were locked, said Capt. Jeff Gural of the Evesham Police Department.

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    Missing South Jersey Woman Update:

    The missing woman's family in Cherry Hill is on pins and needles hoping the release of a surveillance photo will break the case wide open.
    Police are emphasizing the man is not a suspect. "This man is a possible witness. We don't know if he's able to provide information."

    But Evesham Township police are working a hunch that he can and it may bring them closer to finding 52-year-old Marianne DeMartin who's been missing since September 23rd. The two pictures come from a WaWa convenience store in the Avian Shopping Plaza, the same plaza where DeMartin's black Mustang was found six days after she disappeared.

    The photo was taken September 26th, the same day police believe her car was left behind the WaWa. Police are trying to enhance yet another surveillance photo of another man who was seen near DeMartin's car.

    Photo of man at link:


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    Evesham police: Man in video has been interviewed,
    not a suspect in DeMartin case

    Authorities have interviewed a man they had sought as a potential witness in connection with a missing township woman.

    The man, who authorities would not identify, was located today and interviewed but is not considered a suspect, said Evesham Township Capt. Jeff Gural.

    "He was very cooperative and the information he provided was gathered and used in the ongoing investigation," Gural said in a press release.

    Continued at link:

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    Burlington Woman Still Missing After Two Months

    Posted: Nov 23, 2005

    At many Thanksgiving tables on Thursday there will be an empty chair for loved ones lost or out of town.

    In Burlington County, New Jersey, an empty chair belongs Marianne DeMartin, who has been missing for over two-months.

    For any parent, a missing child is heartbreaking, no matter the age. 52-year-old DeMartin had planned to travel to Paris with her mother, but she never arrived at the airport. Her mother said she would have not missed the trip for the world.

    DeMartin’s father fears the worst, but hopes for the best.

    “I woke up this morning at 3 o’clock and I just started thinking, and I had to get up and watch television for a couple hours,” said a visibly upset Richard DeMartin.

    For the DeMartin’s of Cherry Hill, the last two months have been filled with sleepless nights and days wondering what happened to their daughter who vanished without a trace.

    “Somebody has her, somebody took her,” said mother, MaryAnn DeMartin.

    Mrs. DeMartin last spoke with her daughter on Friday September 23rd about shopping for their upcoming trip to Paris. But the next day, Marianne did not answer her mother’s call.

    Her concerned parents went to her Sagemore Apartment only to find her purse, wallet, and dog.

    “As soon as we walked in her house, we knew she was gone,” stated MaryAnn.

    Her black Ford Mustang was found behind the Avian Plaza in Evesham a few days later and surveillance footage shows a man walking away from the car. But due to limited information, Evesham police have nothing new to report.

    The DeMartin’s are hoping the public can help.

    “Somebody might have seen something and though it is so long ago, maybe something will just click,” said MaryAnn.

    They would be thankful for any information, especially with the holidays approaching.

    If you have any information, you are urged to contact police.


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