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    UK - The miniature coffins of Edinburgh's Arthur's Seat

    Shipwreck victims? Spell components? The treacheries of Burke and Hare?


    Edinburgh’s Mysterious Miniature Coffins
    In 1836, three Scottish boys discovered a strange cache of miniature coffins
    concealed on a hillside above Edinburgh. Who put them there — and why?

    It may have been Charles Fort, in one of his more memorable passages, who described the strange discovery best:

    That, early in July, 1836, some boys were searching for rabbits’ burrows in the rocky formation, near Edinburgh, known as Arthur’s Seat. In the side of a cliff, they came upon some thin sheets of slate, which they pulled out.

    Little cave.

    Seventeen tiny coffins.

    Three or four inches long.

    In the coffins were miniature wooden figures. They were dressed differently in both style and material. There were two tiers of eight coffins each, and a third one begun, with one coffin.

    The extraordinary datum, which has especially made mystery here:

    That the coffins had been deposited singly, in the little cave, and at intervals of many years.

    In the first tier, the coffins were quite decayed, and the wrappings had moldered away.

    In the second tier, the effects of age had not advanced so far.

    And the top coffin was quite recent looking.
    much more at link above

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    I am intrigued!

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    Intriguing story.

    Also intriguing is how one can spot a Godot thread from the title. There is a signature at play, here.

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    I thought child's play until I continued reading. My brother and I used to play with his GI Joe dolls at war and bury the dead and all - lots of kids did. Now that I have read further it seems more like:

    - A private memorial. Either a family/group or single person made memorial figures and put them there, to both honor the deceased and mourn in their own way.

    - Spell work. Could've been, I really think.

    Whatever it is, the coffins and figures are beautiful and fascinating and I thank you for sharing this! I would love to see this personally.

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    I first heard the fascinating story about the miniature coffins, last year on an episode of the Thinking sideways podcast.

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    National Museum of Scotland:

    The mystery of the miniature coffins

    a must-see

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    Off topic -- in my humble opinion, if you have the time and money to visit a second city when in the UK, I urge you to take the train to Edinburgh.

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    La Luna
    Be the most brilliant color in the box!

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