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You said my comment
showed how our justice system wasn't flawed or broken, I was just trying to explain where I was coming from. Stating my opinion/POV & a bit of information as to WHY I feel the way I do is all.
I agree with you, it's the best there is.
I am not yelling when all caps show up, I'm sorry capital letters in my sentences are offensive. My phone, has certain words stored that I have put in caps to put emphasis on said words. ( Be it my everyday conversations, here, FB, etc. ) Said words are NOT at all ment to yell at anyone.
Personal attacks are against WS rules and I try extremely hard to word each post accordingly.
Enjoy your day/evening

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I am so forgetful, RANCH.
I had seen CoolJ ask a few posts back if you were leaning this way or something similar? Are you maybe rethinking your opinion of the case?
Obviously you owe me no answer, I was just curious being the title of the thread was For those who do not think Avery was framed
In any case, it's good to hear from you.
I'm not posting off topic.

I'm not sure how your phone works but it posted the word "for" and the word "THIS" in post #686 and in post #688 your phone posted the word "FOR" and the word "this."

Don't play games with me please.