Eva Dvorak and Patsy McQueen were found deceased forty years ago. Investigators believe that there are still people alive today who know what happened. The families continue to hope for a break in the case.

Families of Eva Dvorak and Patsy McQueen still hope for break in cold case

According to RCMP and family accounts, the 14-year-old girls had been caught drinking at their school, Ian Bazalgette Junior High, in the southeast community of Dover, around noon on a Friday. The two were sent home but never made it.

By some accounts, but not confirmed by the RCMP, the teens were spotted walking along 9th Ave. S.E downtown in the early morning hours of Sunday.

Several hours later, at 10:30 a.m., a Calgary man found their bodies along Hwy 1 west of the city.

Police say the girls were dumped under the overpass to the Happy Valley Recreation Centre, which is now the community of Valley Ridge.

An autopsy detected some alcohol and drugs in their systems, but it couldn't determine a cause of death.
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