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    Canadian Police May Have Greatly Underestimated How Many Indigenous Women Are Missing

    New numbers are more than three times higher than the force's initial counts.

    The number of indigenous women who have disappeared or been killed in Canada may be much larger than previously estimated, officials said this week.

    Research from the Native Womenís Association of Canada documented about 3,000 more cases than the Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported in 2014, Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett said on Monday.

    Vancouver-based initiative Walk4Justice compiled a list -- which the NWAC acquired -- of 4,232 indigenous women who have been killed or have gone missing since the 1980s. This figure stands in stark contrast to the RCMP's initial count of 1,181.

    "The gulf between 1,200 and pushing 4,000 is huge," NWAC President Dawn Lavell-Harvard told CBC News. She also stressed the importance of instituting a formal database for information about the cases.


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    This is so important. Something needs to be done to bring these numbers into mainstream news. Native women are missing from all over the entire country, and so little has been done to try to find them. Their families are being ignored and their missing persons reports are often dismissed as runaways. Canada prides itself on being multicultural and yet as a nation we're ignoring an entire population in need.

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    The Canadian justice system is a joke. I'm sorry to say it, but it's true. It routinely lets violent criminals out to rape and kill again. This is so common, your government is literally illegitimate. It violates the social contract.

    The reason people surrender the right to self defense to a government is that body guarantees to protect them from marauders and punish bandits and rapists when found. Canada never does this. It violates the social contract every day. Every day.

    The joke Canadian system promotes and helps criminals. Over and over. Murderers are routinely let go after ten years. Rapists are free to rape again. The maniac bus killer who chopped a man's head off has already been released. Your system is a goddamned filthy joke.

    In my opinion, this is not acceptable. This is dangerous. Lunatic Canadian murderers are let loose and running free by an impotent, toothless government. I demand the border be shut down until Canada institues law and order.

    We share a border with your country. If your country, Canada, is incapable of pursuing criminal justice, then we have a right to go into your country, take it over, and put you under our laws and kill your criminals. That's right. We have the right to put your worse criminals to death. To protect ourselves from your monstrous stupidity.

    I have nothing else to say.

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