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    ^^^^ Without looking back, I'm assuming I'm linking to MSM. Point of article was hoping for trial this year.

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    Molly Martens broke down in a court yesterday when a counsellor revealed her stepson said he had negative feelings toward her

    During evidence given by counsellor Andrea Huckabee, it emerged Jack Corbett told her he had witnessed abuse taking place in the home.

    Ms Huckabee had a 45 minute session therapeutic therapy session with Jack and Sarah Corbett. She said in that session Mr Corbetts only son made a point of telling her Ms Martens was his step mom and his first mom had passed away

    During her session with Jack he said he had negative feelings towards his stepmother. She added he said I don't want to hurt my moms feelings

    Ms Huckabee said Sarah had not disclosed witnessing abuse but that Jack had

    Yesterdays hearing also heard from a paediatrician who examined Jack and Sarah after their fathers death - who revealed she diagnosed them as victims of child abuse

    Paediatrician Dr Amy Suttel gave evidence yesterday at the hearing relating to the admission of evidence in the case - and said she gave a diagnosis that both of Mr Corbett's were victims of child abuse due to exposure to domestic violence

    The defence for Ms Marten and her father argue interviews by both children at children's advocacy centre known as Dragonfly House should be put before a jury . Dr Suttel carried out a medical evaluation at the facility in the days after Mrs Corbett's death. She added that she did not make any determination on who was responsible for the abuse . Thats not my job she said. Dr Suttel reccommended that both children receive mental health treatment.

    In later evidence Detective Nathan Briggs told the court he had made the appointment for the children to attend the Dragonfly house. He said that anothe rcollegeauge on the case had been told the children had a secret phone number to call their grandparents in Tennessee in case of emergency

    The court also heard from Ms Martens closet friend who said in her statements to police were fabricated by detectives investigating Mr Corbetts death. Shannon Grubb who has only know Ms Martens since they became neighbours in 2011 claims she did not actually say what investigators recorded her as saying when she was interviewed . It (the statement )said I didn't believe her (Ms Martens) she told the curt yesterday it was not what I had said. She added I wept to the Da to correct my statement . I want the truth to be my words. Mrs Grubb said she was Ms Martens closet and best friend . She gave her evidence during a defence motion for a change of venue for the trial next month . Mrs Grubb claimed that the case had been subject to word of mouth publicly in the county and as such her friend could not get a fair trial

    david Freeman representing Ms martens claimed the Sheriffs office [had disseminated information that was inflammatory and inadmissible at trial.. Responding prosecutor Alan Martin said that the defence had failed to show that the jury pool would be any different in this county to another Judge David Lee said he was having a hard time seeing the prejudice /


    The judge in a pretrial hearing for the murder case against Molly Martens Corbett and her father, Thomas Martens, denied a motion Friday to have the trial moved to Mocksville in neighboring Davie County.

    Walter Holton and David Freedman, lawyers for Corbett and Martens, filed the motion to have the trial moved. They argued the amount of publicity the case has received in Davidson County has made it impossible to form an unbiased jury.

    Find that kind of laughable since they are getting contacting the media at every chance

    Davidson Superior Court Judge David Lee said he did not find any proof that the defendants could not receive a fair and impartial trial in Davidson County.
    “The defense has failed to find existing community prejudice that they can’t receive a fair trial,” Lee said. “There is no showing of prejudice in the investigation or proceedings … to preclude selection of a jury.”

    Also during the hearing, the judge deferred ruling on a motion to redact statements about witnessing domestic abuse that Jason Corbett’s children made when interviewed at a child advocacy center after the homicide.

    Testifying Friday, Tracey Lynch stated that shortly after moving to Ireland, Jack told her he had lied about witnessing any domestic abuse and wanted to contact police in Davidson County.
    “He said he felt really bad about it,” Lynch said. “He said he wanted to tell the police that he had lied.”

    Lawyers for the defense claimed that when the children were interviewed by child advocacy experts at the Dragonfly House they were given detailed instructions about the importance of being truthful and told they could make corrections to any statement they felt were inaccurate.The defense attorneys added that staff at the child advocacy center had followed a national protocol to determine whether a child knows the difference between a truth and a lie through a series of questions not related to the case.
    Judge Lee said he preferred the lawyers argue before the judge presiding over the case at trial whether specific statements should be heard by a jury.


    Jack Corbett asked if his stepmother and her father had been locked up yet during a visit to his fathers grave

    In his testimony at pretrial David Lynch Mr Corbett's brother in law told the court that during an emotional out burst Jack now 12 said he had lied to detectives in the Us who had interviewed him about the case

    Earlier Tracey Lynch told the court that both children had asked to keep diaries upon their return to Ireland and that these were sent to the authorities in the Us. They had been attending therapy sessions and the physiologist recommended they record their feelings

    Also giving evidence yesterday was Detective Nathan Briggs who had arranged interviews for both children in August 2015 at a child advocacy centre in the US after their father had been found dead at his North Carolina home that month . He told the court he feared they had been coached prior to their questioning . Jack and Sarah Corbett were interviewed by trained professionals at the Dragonfly Centre in the days after their fathers death . They were brought there by Molly Martens mother Sharon . Detective Higgs was present in a nearby room when a staff member entered saying Sharon Martens was insisting Jack was interviewed first. We decided Sarah should go first . A lot of the time in investigations we see that the kids have been coached . He added if there was coaching then we would disturb it

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    Answer to the au pair Nanny question

    After advertising for a nanny, Molly Martens, a striking blonde from Tennessee, flew to Ireland and took up the job ..‘He had two or three au pairs before that,’ Catherine says. ‘The language barrier was an issue so he wanted someone English-speaking. Obviously we were cautious about anyone who came into the house, that was a natural instinct.

    ‘She seemed to be good to the kids though at the start. I still stuck to my routine with them and went out to the house during the week and the weekends. I still felt very protective of them, and of Jason. He was grieving, but he was still making sure everyone else was ok.’ Some time after her arrival in Ireland, a relationship developed between Molly and Jason. He eventually confided in close friends and family that her role in his life had taken on a new meaning.

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    Jason Corbett’s family launch new legal action against Thomas & Molly Martens - article dated 22nd July 2017


    A wrongful death suit has been filed against Molly Martens and her father Tom. Ms Martens, 34, and Mr Martens, 66, are already facing a US criminal trial on a charge of second-degree murder of Jason Corbett in August 2015.

    Now a separate civil suit alleging wrongful death is being brought against the pair by Mr Corbett’s brother-in-law David Lynch.

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    "A WRONGFUL-DEATH lawsuit was filed Wednesday against MOLLY MARTENS and THOMAS MARTENS as they are facing trial on murder charges in the death of Irish businessman Jason Corbett...David Lynch, the executor of Jason Corbett’s estate, filed the lawsuit in Davidson Superior Court and ALSO NAMED as a defendant, Molly Martens MOTHER SHARON MARTENS.... The lawsuit also alleges that SHARON MARTENS "ASSISTED, AIDED AND ABETTED DEFENDANTS MOLLY PAIGE MARTENS IN THE KILLING OF JASON CORBETT AND IN THE CONCEALMENT AND DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE RELATED TO CORBETTS DEATH" ......
    (~ Michael Hewlett)


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    He said he saw no change in Jason when the Martens arrived and that Jason did not appear impaired.

    Fritzsche and his wife left for dinner. They came back later and went to bed, he said.

    About 5:30 a.m., Molly Corbett came to his house. She used the half-bath twice, he said, and was there for 90 minutes.

    He said he didn't notice any injury.

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    David Dillard, a former deputy with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, said his responsibilities included escorting Molly Martens to his patrol vehicle. He observed she was wearing pyjama apparel and did not observe any injury.

    Mr Dillard said she was “making crying noises”, but did not see any visible tears. He also commented that she was seen rubbing her neck in a “scrubbing” motion before she was escorted to the home of her neighbour, David Fritzsche.
    Damage to Jason Corbett's skull so severe pathologist could not say how many times he was hit

    • District Attorney says Corbett hit 'at least 10 times'
    • Victim had traces of powerful sleep drug prescribed to wife in his system
    • 911 dispatcher says Thomas Martens was 'surprisingly calm' during call
    The trial of Molly Martens-Corbett (33) and her father, retired FBI agent Thomas Michael Martens (67), who both deny the second degree murder of Mr Corbett, also heard that a post mortem examination revealed traces in the Irish businessman's blood system of a powerful sleep drug prescribed for his wife, Ms Martens-Corbett, just days earlier.
    Mr Corbett did not suffer from the sleep issues for which the drug was prescribed.His wife received a prescription for Trazodone on July 30, just three days before Mr Corbett's death.
    "Thomas Martens - (had) no injuries, no bruises, no swelling, no cuts and no blood appeared to come from him," he said."Molly Martens Corbett - (had) no bruises, no swelling, no cuts and no blood appeared to come from her."

    But Mr Martin said Jason Corbett left the master bedroom of his Panther Creek home in the luxury Meadowlands gated community on a board with his skull shattered so badly that a pathologist couldn't even determine precisely how many blows he had sustained.
    When the paramedic attempted to help Mr Corbett - who was lying naked and blood covered on his bedroom floor - he attempted to move his head and found the back of his skull to be "squishy", the District Attorney said."There was nothing that could be done," Mr Martin said.
    "Jason Corbett left that room on a board and his head was badly crushed."

    During the post mortem examination, a pathologist found that his skull was badly damaged.

    "It was like a hard-boiled egg that had been dropped on the counter," Mr Martin said.
    "It was not two, it was not four, it was not six and it was not eight. It was at least 10 times (he was struck)."The only mark on Ms Martens-Corbett at the scene was a little redness on her neck akin to "a sunburn".
    Mr Martin said that, at the scene, Ms Martens-Corbett was also asked repeatedly to stop rubbing her neck.

    "That was how they walked out of that room - but Jason Corbett left it on a board."

    Both Mr Martens and Ms Martens-Corbett also refused emergency medical treatment at the scene.
    r Corbett's blood was found all over the bedroom floor and walls as well as in the hallway and bathroom.

    Mr Martin told the jury that expert medical, forensic, pathology and pharmacology evidence will be introduced at the trial.
    Blood spatters indicate that Mr Corbett was subjected to a sustained series of blows - with blood spray patterns indicating that he was, at one point, near the ground when his head was struck.
    "The State will (try to address) why? Why didn't they stop," Mr Martin said?

    Both Mr Martens and Ms Martens-Corbett defence teams are arguing self defence and defence of another in the incident.
    David Freedman, for Mr Martens, said the father of four and retired FBI agent heard noises coming from an upstairs bedroom of his daughter's home early that morning.
    On going to investigate, he will claim he was shocked to Mr Corbett holding his daughter by the throat.

    "Jason's hand was around Molly's throat - his little girl had her husband's hand around her throat."
    Mr Freedman said that Mr Martens instructed Mr Corbett to release Ms Martens-Corbett.
    "(But Mr Corbett said I'm sorry - I shouldn't be doing this," he said.
    However, he said that Mr Corbett then put his entire arm around his wife's throat.

    "I am going to kill her - I am going to kill her," Mr Freedman said the Irishman replied.
    At this point, Mr Freedman said Mr Martens used a baseball bat he had brought from Tennessee for his grandson to try to protect his daughter and himself.
    Mr Freedman pointed out that Mr Corbett was much bigger than either Mr Martens or his daughter.
    Walter Holton, defence lawyer for Ms Martens-Corbett, said that a strand of the Tennessee woman's hair was later found in Mr Corbett's hand.

    Police statements also indicated that Ms Martens-Corbett was in shock at the scene.
    Opening witness, Karen Capps of the Davidson County Emergency Call Centre, confirmed she took a 911 call from Mr Martens at 3.02am on August 2.
    The entire 911 call was played to the jury and Ms Martens-Corbett began weeping, wiping her eyes and nose with a tissue.

    Mr Martens told the dispatcher his son-in-law had sustained serious head injuries.
    Ms Capps, who has been an emergency call dispatcher for 16 years, said the call lasted around 14 minutes.
    In legal submissions between the prosecution and defence to Judge Lee, Ms Capps outlined aspects of the call.
    "He (Mr Martens) was calm - surprisingly calm," she said.
    "He stayed calm throughout the call."
    "He said he hit him (Mr Corbett) in the head with a ball bat."
    The dispatcher said that automatically made the call an issue for both paramedics and the Davidson County Sheriff's Department.
    Ms Capps said undertaking Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for any lengthy period is an exhausting process.
    "CPR is very exhausting - it is very hard physically," she said.
    Those on a 911 call which requires CPR are asked to do two chest compressions per second on the patient.
    The dispatcher instructed Mr Martens to check Mr Corbett's airways, to place him on his back and to begin CPR until paramedics arrived.
    Ms Capps said she noted that Mr Martens did not at any time during the lengthy call appear out of breath or gasping despite the fact he had been asked to do 400 chest compressions.
    His daughter, Molly, was being asked to do 200 compressions in relief of her father.
    "I noticed he was not out of breath," Ms Capps said.
    "He did not sound like most people sound."
    "He wasn't panting or gasping or out of breath."
    "There was a lot of communication back and forth but he was not out of breath."
    Ms Capps said Molly Martens-Corbett came on the phone.
    "She was very tearful - a little excited I guess would be a good word."
    At one point, Ms Martens-Corbett was shouting out the CPR count.
    "She counted like she was yelling - like she wanted to make sure I heard she was counting."
    The entire transcript of the 911 call will be entered into evidence.
    The two defence teams had objected to supplementary prosecution submissions as to how the female 911 operator perceived Mr Martens to be during the call.
    Prosecutors Greg Brown, Alan Martin and Ina Stanton already indicated that the trial will involve an element of alleged domestic violence.
    Two of Mr Martens three sons will be offering defence evidence in the trial.
    Mr Corbett's first wife, Margaret 'Mags' Fitzpatrick, died from an asthma attack in 2006 when their two children were aged under three years.
    The Limerick father then met Ms Martens, a native of Tennessee, when she replied to his advert for an au pair/nanny to help him look after his young children.
    A relationship developed between them and the couple married in 2011.
    They relocated to North Carolina the following year after Ms Martens-Corbett complained of feeling homesick for the US.
    Seven days in the case were devoted to selecting a jury from a total jury panel of 143 Davidson County residents.
    A jury of nine women and three men was finally agreed by the prosecution and two defence teams.
    Two alternate jurors selected, a man and woman, will only be used if one of the original 12 jurors is unable to continue until the conclusion of the trial and the deliberation on a verdict.
    Judge Lee has indicated that the trial will last for more than three weeks.
    Members of Mr Corbett's Limerick family have travelled to Lexington in North Carolina for the trial.
    Those attending include his sister, Tracey, his brother, Wayne, and his brother-in-law, David Lynch.
    Prosecutors have indicated the second degree murder case will include significant circumstantial evidence as well as testimony from multiple police witnesses including Lieutenant Detective Wanda Thompson who led the investigation.
    Jury members have been warned that some photographs of the Panther Creek home will be both "gruesome" and "gory," depicting substantial blood-spatters on the bedroom floor and walls as well as in the hallway and bathroom.
    One photograph will depict a piece of scalp.
    Photographs taken at the post mortem examination of the head injuries sustained by Mr Corbett will also be submitted.
    Under North Carolina law, a verdict can only be returned in a serious criminal trial by unanimous verdict of all 12 jury members.
    The case has attracted substantial media attention in the US with major networks including Spectrum, ABC, NBC and Fox daily covering the trial.
    The case continues tomorrow and is expected to last three weeks.

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