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    Molly Martens had 'no injuries' after husband Jason Corbett killed and was told to stop rubbing her neck, trial hears
    A NORTH Carolina crime scene examiner had to repeatedly ask Molly Martens Corbett (33) to stop rubbing and tugging at her neck as she stood outside the home where her husband, Jason Corbett (39), was found with fatal head injuries minutes earlier.

    Lieutenant Frank Young of the Davidson County Sheriff's Office said he asked Ms Martens Corbett for permission to photograph her to note any injuries she might have.

    When he arrived at the Panther Creek property where Mr Corbett was found with fatal head injuries, Ms Martens Corbett was seated in a marked patrol car.
    Ms Martens-Corbett had earlier told a paramedic that her husband had tried to choke her.However, Lt Young said he noted no injuries on the young woman's neck or throat at the scene.
    "There was initial consent to be allowed to take photographs," he told the ninth day of the Davidson County murder trial.

    "Ms (Martens) Corbett continually pulled and tugged on her neck with her hand."
    "I asked her to stop doing that."

    Lt Young said that: "After several requests, she did (stop)."
    The police officer said he photographed the young woman's neck from all angles but said he noted no injuries.

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    WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 2017

    Molly Martens and her father, Thomas Martens, had no visible signs of injury the morning that Irish businessman Jason Corbett was bludgeoned to death in an incident that left a bloody scene, a Davidson County law-enforcement officer said, writes Michael L Hewlett.

    “Nothing remarkable except that she (Ms Martens) had blood on the top of her head,” said Cpl Clayton Dagenhardt of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

    Cpl Dagenhardt said he saw nothing remarkable about Mr Martens that morning either.

    egree murder in the death of Mr Corbett in the early hours of August. 2, 2015. Ms Martens was Mr Corbett’s second wife. They lived at 160 Panther Creek Court in the Meadowlands, a golf-course community in Davidson County, with his children, Jack and Sarah, from his first marriage.

    Cpl Dagenhardt testified that he received a call about a cardiac event just after 3am on August 2, 2015. Two minutes after receiving that call, he received another saying it had been upgraded to an assault. He got to the house about 3.16am.

    He saw an EMS paramedic that he knew coming out of the house who told him, “It’s bad. It’s really bad. It’s a horrible scene.”

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    David Freedman, an attorney representing Mr Martens in the case, stated for the record the photograph at which the juror observed at the time of her reaction was the single exhibit to which the defence made objection earlier in the day.In answer to questions from Mr Freedman, Dr Nelson indicated he did not know when Mr Corbett would have become incapacitate, which blow would have rendered him incapacitated or the sequence in which the blows came.

    Mr Holton asked Dr Nelson if he personally oversaw the preservation of Mr Corbett’s fingernail clippings. Dr Nelson said he does not typically bag nail clippings unless asked to do so. He did confirm there was blood under Mr Corbett’s fingernails.

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    The District Attorney also said that while Mr Corbett was discovered in the bedroom naked and blood-spattered with a crushed skull there wasn't a mark on either his wife or his father-in-law when police and paramedics arrived."Thomas Martens - (had) no injuries, no bruises, no swelling, no cuts and no blood appeared to come from him," he said.
    "Molly Martens Corbett - (had) no bruises, no swelling, no cuts and no blood appeared to come from her."At least one blow was sustained when Mr Corbett was already dead.
    Multiple blows had been sustained to two specific areas of the back of his head.
    "His skull was badly crushed," he said.

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    A medical examiner in North Carolina has told the trial of two people accused of the murder of a Limerick man that he determined the cause of death as blunt-force trauma.
    Dr Craig Nelson was giving evidence in the trial of US woman Molly Martens-Corbett, 33, and her 67-year-old father Thomas Martens who are accused of killing 39-year-old Jason Corbett two years ago.
    "The degree of skull fractures in this case are kinds we would see in falls from great heights or car crashes," Dr Nelson said.
    Mr Corbett also sustained injuries to his torso and extremities as well as a scalp laceration, Dr Nelson said.
    The jury also heard that at the time of the autopsy, trace amounts of Trazadone, a medication used primarily as a sleep aid, were found in Mr Corbett's body.
    It heard that Ms Martens was prescribed and filled such a prescription days before the death of her husband.

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    Police at scene of Corbett killing told his children to close their eyes as they were carried out of home

    Paramedic told officer: 'It is bad in there - real bad. It is a horrible scene'

    TWO North Carolina policemen who arrived at the home of Jason Corbett (39) carried his two young children downstairs and advised them to close their eyes so they wouldn't see the blood stains on the walls and floor from their father's fatal head injuries.
    Davidson County Sheriff's Department officer, Corporal Clayton Dagenhardt, told the murder trial he saw blood on the walls, floor, bed, hallway and bedroom of a luxury Panther Creek gated community home he was called to at 3am on August 2 2015.
    He went into Sarah's bedroom."She was asleep - she had not been disturbed in any way," he said.
    His colleague awoke the little girl's brother, Jack.

    "She was startled when I woke her."
    "I said I wanted her to close her eyes (when he brought her downstairs)."

    The little girl, startled from being awoken, agreed with the policeman's suggestion that he carry her downstairs.
    "I told her to turn her face into my neck and I told her to close her eyes."

    "I then walked backwards so she didn't open her eyes and she wouldn't be exposed to anything."

    A blood trail had been left from their father's body.

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    One of seven individuals who had been impanelled as members of the jury for the murder trial of Molly Martens Corbett and Thomas Martens was dismissed on Thursday at the Davidson County Courthouse in Lexington, North Carolina.The individual was dismissed after a close friend allegedly made contact with the juror, who alerted judge David Lee to the matter directly related to the case.
    The matter was discussed briefly in open court on Thursday, but due to what the juror called the “delicate” nature of the conversation, it was taken up in the judge’s chambers before attorneys and the juror returned to the courtroom.
    “I’ll do my best to completely ignore it,” the juror said. “There have been some things that happened . . . but I’ll do my best to put it out of my mind.”

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    Martin said Martens struck Jason Corbett with the baseball bat and Molly Corbett hit her husband with a brick paver.

    David Freedman, one of Martens' attorneys, told the jury of a struggle in which Thomas Martens and Molly Corbett feared for their lives.

    Freedman said Martens and his wife traveled to visit his daughter and grandchildren on Aug. 1, 2015. They spent time with Molly and Jason and then went to bed before hearing screams around 3 a.m.

    "He knows upstairs is his daughter," Freedman said. "He knows upstairs is his grandchildren. He doesn't know what he's facing."

    Freedman said Martens grabbed a baseball bat and ran up the stairs to Jason and Molly's bedroom, where he found Jason choking Molly.

    Martens told Jason to stop, and Jason threatened to kill Molly, Freedman said, adding that Jason moved out of the bedroom and toward the bathroom., still choking his wife.

    According to Freedman, Martens struck Jason until he let Molly go, and Jason was down in the bedroom.

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    Yesterday, during pre-trial discussion in the absence of the jury, thedefence raised concerns over pretrial statements the operator has made to the prosecution in which she alleges that Mr Martens was ‘surprisingly calm’ during the call.
    The operator is also alleged to have said that she had ‘never spoken to a caller who was so calm’ during a 911 emergency call.
    Lawyers for Mr Martens have moved to prevent the 911 operator’s
    ‘comments’ being heard in court. In response, lawyers for the State told the court that they do not intend to question the witness about her observations.

    ‘She [the witness] was of the opinion that they were not actually doing CPR,’ said Assistant District Attorney Ina Stanton.
    ‘The state has no intention of asking her about that on the stand.’Jones Byrd, one of two defence lawyers representing retired FBI agent Mr Martens, said that the 911 recording ‘should speak for itself’.
    He added that there was further concern that other emergency response personnel who attended the scene may offer ‘observations’ in evidence.
    These, he said, included statements about ‘the temperature of

    Mr Corbett’s body’ and whether blood in certain areas was ‘wet or dry’.

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    Daily Mail article dated 7th January 2016 which provides full transcript of 911 call and despatch records of

    - Emergency Medical Services
    - Fire Department
    - Law Enforcement


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    “They turned it into something that looks like a bad humpty dumpty cartoon,” Martin said.
    Throughout his statement, Martin banged the bat and brick against the prosecution’s table to demonstrate the force of impact from both objects.
    The prosecutor reminded the jury that at least four of the impacts were while Jason Corbett was unconscious.
    “How much force does it take to split flesh all the way to the skull?” Martin asked as he banged a baseball bat against a table.
    Martin later said that it took “I-hate-you force.”
    The prosecutor then recounted the testimony of James, and discussed the blood spatters. At one point, Martin had Greg Brown, a fellow prosecutor, lie face down on the ground to re-enact how Martens and Molly Corbett stood over Jason Corbett while they allegedly hit him.
    “Jason Corbett is not able to tell you where they beat him, but the blood told Stuart James, and Stuart James told you,” Martin said.

    Martin then discussed the passage of time. He claimed that the dry blood, cool body and blood on the vacuum proved that more time passed than Martens claimed in his testimony.
    Martin said it’s the prosecution’s job to find malice. The prosecutor continued by stating malice sounds like Martens constantly stating his dislike for Jason Corbett and sounds like Molly Corbett wanting a divorce and the children.
    “(Malice) feels like I hate him, and I want those kids!” Martin exclaimed, as he banged the brick against a table.
    Martin then broke down Martens’ testimony, citing parts he said weren’t believable. He claimed that Martens enjoyed “matching wits” with other law enforcement, like he did in the FBI.
    The prosecutor later said Martens claimed no knowledge of the brick to protect Molly. He also recalled parts of Martens’ testimony where he paused before answering.
    “If he can’t get away with ambiguity, then his memory just fails him,” Martin said.
    Martin then questioned why Sharon Martens, Martens’ wife, wasn’t involved. In regard to Sharon Martens, the prosecutor said, “It’s like she vanished from the face of the Earth in Martens’ testimony.”

    After going over Martens’ testimony, Martin focused on Molly Corbett, who he argued had motive to assault Jason Corbett.
    Martin reminded the jury that tissue fragments from Jason Corbett were found on Molly Corbett’s pajamas. He also suggested that even though trazodone didn’t have an effect on Jason Corbett that it is possible that Molly Corbett attempted to drug him, but failed.
    The prosecutor switched to testimonies that stated Molly Corbett was rubbing her neck, which he believed was another sign of dishonesty.
    “It might get a first grader out of school, but it ought not to get Molly Corbett out of murder,” Martin said.
    In response to the defense’s claims that evidence wasn’t sufficient, Martin said the defense wants “a perfect case with perfect evidence,” which Martin argued was an impossible standard.
    Martin ended his two-hour closing argument by stating that Jason Corbett did not have to die.
    “You have a duty to return a verdict that will deliver justice for Jason,” Martin said.

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    Molly Martens and her father Thomas have been sentenced to 20-25 years in prison for the brutal murder of Jason Corbett.

    Before the pair were handed their sentences for the second degree murder of the Limerick dad-of-two, the court heard moving victim impact statements.
    Jason’s sister Tracey Lynch said, ‘August the 2nd will be imprinted in our minds for all the wrong reasons.
    In a letter read out to the court, Jason’s son Jack, 12, wrote, ‘I will never be able to give him a hug, to give him a present, to help me up when I’m down.‘He will never watch me grow into a teenager, see me get married, or catch a ball…

    ‘[Molly] has put this burden on this family, and it will not be done until she is put away. She will always be remembered as a murderer.’
    Jason’s mother, Rita, reportedly urged the court, ‘Give Molly Martens and Thomas Martens the same leniency they gave my son.’

    The pair beat the Limerick father to death with a baseball bat and brick in 2015.

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