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    CA - Tami Seymour, 37, West Sacramento, 12 Oct 1995

    Written by Tami's daughter, from October 2015:


    The picture they used was a former mugshot. She looked so grotesque, so hardened by her life. The article got some of the details wrong — details that to this day bother me... The article was the only media coverage her case received. I didn't know that then, nor could I have understood, how different the police treat a missing persons case when the person missing is an ex-convict. Her case didn't go cold; it was on ice the moment she disappeared.

    It wasn't until 1999, seven months before the birth of my second child, that I took a renewed interest in her disappearance... I spent hours on the phone tracking down the new detective assigned to her case, and once I found him, I managed to ignite his interest in the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, too...

    Up until then, nothing more than preliminary investigative work had been done. Witness statements were collected, reports were filed. The room she went missing from was never tested for traces of blood. No luminol or black lights were ever used to see if she'd been murdered in her motel room. By the time I was in touch with the detective about her case, the motel had long been torn down.

    Most interesting of all, my mother's ex-husband, the man she had only recently left before she disappeared, had never been questioned.
    NamUs: https://www.findthemissing.org/cases/11862

    Charley Project: http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/s/seymour_tami.html

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    Thanks much to OkieGranny for making this thread for me. I don't want to spam to get my post count up, so I can't do it myself yet, haha. ^^;

    Normally I'd have just passed this case by for lack of information (sad, but don't we all), but the article written by her daughter really tugged at the heartstrings, and since there's family interest, it seems solvable. DNA is in there along with fingerprints (not that that would likely matter after all these years), and the dentals are also, but have yet to be submitted according to NamUS. Not to be a downer, but I'm convinced she's dead by now.

    Wonder if I should attempt to contact the daughter and let her know a thread has been started here on her mother?
    You never think one of these cases could be in your town, and when it is.....it's freaky.

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