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    IN - Thalia Rodriguez, 20, Lake Michigan, Whiting, 19 Feb 2016

    'A lot of unknowns' after woman goes missing in lake

    Lake Michigan, Whihala Beach, Indiana -
    An investigation continued Sunday into how a Whiting woman went missing in Lake Michigan near Whihala Beach, but authorities did not resume a search of the water, an official said.

    Thalia Rodriguez, 20, was walking on a pier about 10 p.m. Friday with a friend after the two went out to eat, Indiana Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Shawn Brown said.

    Emergency crews arrived a short time later and could hear Rodriguez, but could not see her, he said.

    "We're still trying to gather information to say why she went in," Brown said Sunday.

    Rodriguez's friend told investigators Rodriguez fell in the water as the friend was walking away from her, he said.

    There is a guardrail in the area where Rodriguez went in the water, he said.

    Initial reports didn't indicate alcohol was a factor, but that remains under investigation, Brown said. Officers are working with Rodriguez's friend, he said.




    For immediate release: February 20, 2016
    Whiting Woman Missing in Lake Michigan

    Indiana Conservation Officers are investing the disappearance of Thalia Rodriguez, 20 of Whiting, IN. Rodriquez jumped from the Whiting park pier into Lake Michigan on Friday evening near 10:00 p.m. and remains missing.

    Following a 911 call Whiting Police and Fire arrived at the pier in Whiting Park to search for Rodriquez. Rescue personnel could not locate Rodriquez in the water but heard yelling at a distance from the water. Moments later emergency personnel could no longer hear Rodriquez. The USCG conducted a surface and air search for several hours in attempt to locate Rodriquez.

    Indiana Conservation Officers and the Lake County Marine Unit continued the search today for Rodriquez using side scan sonar. The waterborne response teams were unable to locate Rodriquez following several hours of searching.

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    I don't know what to think. After seeing the railing, it doesn't seem possible to "accidentally" fall in. Would the end of the pier be on the deep end? Is it possible that she did it on purpose? There's so much that's not being said. Was she happy, sad, depressed?

    Where are you Thalia?

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    Was found deceased nr Montrose harbour, chicago at some point last year. Investigation closed into her death.

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    hmmm, this is the obit I found from June of this year, which lists date of death as June 8, 2017, but the article posted in post 4 clearly states her body was found the previous year, 2016. I wonder if Thalia's body was not released until June of this year? That doesn't really make sense though...


    ETA: after more digging, found a fundraising page that explains Thalia's body was identified as male when she was found, thus the delay. Also alludes to suicide.

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