A 43-year-old Santa Cruz man is on his way to prison for at least 20 years after admitting this week to molesting a child while baby sitting her on about eight occasions during several months.

Jerry Albert Thomson was sentenced Monday for crimes against the 7-year-old child, pleading guilty to four counts in exchange for a 24-year term.

On Wednesday, Thomsonís eldest brother, Doug, called the Sentinel to make a statement ó the Thomson boys were abused when they were young.

Doug, now of Sacramento, said the three boys had a drug-addicted father in prison and a single mother. They grew up in Santa Cruz and Boulder Creek and lived next door to "two alcoholics" at one point who sexually abused them. (Doug says the neighbors were later prosecuted for molesting other boys, but he does not recall their name, only that they were arrested along the railroad tracks "near the water plant" in Santa Cruz in the early 1970s).