NOPD Cold Case: Hollygrove killing remains unsolved after 10 years
WDSU by Randi Rousseau
UPDATED 1:18 PM CDT May 09, 2015

NEW ORLEANS —Alice Felix is marking the 10th anniversary of her son's murder, which happened just a couple months before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

The person who killed him still remains a mystery. But New Orleans police are still determined to solve the cold case nearly a decade later.


Joseph "Jermaine" Byrd was killed on June 8, 2005, at an apartment complex on Hollygrove Street. He was with friends inside an apartment when he got a call.

Moments after going outside to take the phone call, the visit took a deadly turn.

"Suddenly the people inside heard him screaming and yelling and banging on the door," New Orleans Police Department detective Winston Harbin said. They tried to open the door to allow him in, but there was a person outside who had him by the shirt."

He said Byrd managed to get inside the home, but had been shot multiple times. Harbin has been investigating the cold case, but said Katrina hampered efforts to find the killer.


"I have people telling me, Miss Alice, it's been nine years, you need to get over it," Felix said. "But how do you get over this. I live with this every day of my life."