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    I just looked at your pics Mystic... I have no interest in watching the show LOL but uhmmm did they show anything "real" in that show? Not by the looks of your pics ;-)

    Nice to see you back!

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    Absolutely! ( BBM & Underlined by me )
    Quote Originally Posted by MysticJynx View Post
    they talked about the same evidence presented in MaM but MaM is biased and this is not? I took some screen shots of the show Did he do it. I will show you the way they dramatize it is fiction. NOT FACT. They even go as far as saying he's a sex offender. To my knowledge he to this day has never been convicted of a sexual crime to warrant being called one. KK on the other hand. Please see the album for the pictures. https://www.websleuths.com/forums/album.php?albumid=2127 You can see how they Dramatized it to fit MG's book. laughs KEYS LAUGHS.

    But remember Gahn Said it best. "That's what I'm trying to get across. If you want to be very rigid and say the protocol is the protocol and you can never deviate from this whatsoever, I don't think most people believe that's how life operates. That sometimes you do have to deviate just to make sense."

    What I hear him saying is, Just make it fit if it doesn't actually fit. Its ok to deviate from all the protocols when you are framing an innocent man. JMO I do think the Judicial system should be very RIGID when it comes to protocols when you are deciding if you should take away his god given right to freedom. IMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by MysticJynx View Post
    SBM. They had this show that was one side for the states case. It aired in the summer of 2014 or 2015 on a show Called, DID HE DO IT, Season 1 episode 1 Reputation of evil. You can see how they falsified how they found the evidence for dramatic effects. Example when they discuss finding her Car they show them taking a tarp off it, they put that tarp on her car to protect the evidence. KK also talks about it being the planted key that really made him believe he was guilty. Then they show KEYS. However he did say who cares about if they planted the key in his closing. They too left out evidence in his hour cameo. Think the problem with KK is he is mad he didn't get a 10 hour series to hear himself talk like The defense did. And remember the documentary was one to follow a defendant through the system. Thus I would suspect it being Biased to the defendant. Maybe you can find the full episode of Did He DO it out there. Here is the Ad for you.
    Many thanks MysticJynx
    We are not all born equal so Justice always has to be.

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    Hi I got quite a few new clues in the Zodiac Killer z340 cipher and the My Name is cipher and Phillips 66 map and more. https://youtu.be/9iRn2IElIZw Please watch awl videos thank you. It's been 50 years since new clews.

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    New evidence has come to surface:


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    Here is another article-

    'Making a Murderer': Defense Implicates New Avery Nephew in Murder
    In new court filing, attorney Kathleen Zellner says damning evidence shows Bobby Dassey could have been involved in Teresa Halbach's murder.

    The World Has Gone Mad.

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    I know it's very easy to open any car door .Without tools or keys. Alittle airbag is what is used for harder cars to open. I keep one because I tend to lock myself out of my car ALLOT, so all you do is put alittle flat piece of plastic in door and pump it up it opens enough to stick something in and pop the lock. I'm sure most police carry them now days. Tow trucks always carry them but use the slim Jim to charge more. But as far as the evidence goes. The key wasn't there. Then it was on the 8 the...?? I also think he probably did it. But the way the police handled the investigation he should have a new trial and be released. Sad to say he deserves to be out because of it. And I think if he was never in prison in the first place he wouldn't have turned into a killer. Prison ruins you. My best friend and x just killed himself after getting out. He shouldn't of been locked up. He got life without parole. After 20 years was finally let out, but the damage was done. He no longer was the same,and could not cope out of prison. So I feel what this man has been put threw. Not that I think he should get away with murder. But it's something that should NEVER of happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZOOL View Post
    I too have wondered how the RAV4 was opened by DCI but I suspect that it was done easily, and was not a big deal. For example, I know that the police are adequately trained and provided with equipment to open all models of vehicles. From a personal experience, a friend and I were suddenly locked out from a 200x-model, economy, 4-door which "automatically" locked its doors under its own volition with the key still in the ignition while we visited a very remote family grave site on a late, cold, October evening. Thankfully an hour-and-a-half later a police officer arrived with his squad car's trunk filled with manuals, hand tools, and electronic devices. The final solution involved a simple slim jim. However if you google-search for "devices to unlock electronic automatic car doors" you'll discover how easy it is for technologically advanced thieves to access your car.

    But...the reason for my post: I can not make heads or tails from the Calumet County Sheriffs Department Evidence List pdf-file: the column heads really mean nothing to me. For example, item 8368 is oddly described and appears to be grouped with other items which were found. If one could presume that the items listed within the immediate surrounding items are all related to a search of the RAV4, either the person who listed 8368 is a complete idiot or the item 8368 is something other than a prophylactic condom!

    Further, either way you understand it, if something like that was found in the RAV4 why was that never presented as probative evidence: it goes directly to the heart of Avery's motive?
    Quote Originally Posted by missy1974 View Post
    Hey Zool Nice to see you posting in these threads.... I've read some of your posts in the transcripts threads, very interesting and well thought out

    I understand that the locks could be easily unlocked with the right equipment, but the lack of mentioning it in the trial, makes me suspect. The first guy to go into the RAV4 and do presumptive testing and take pictures said the drivers side door was unlocked and he unlocked the other doors.... he never said how the rear door was unlocked, yet he took photographs, so it baffles me. They couldn't simply press the "unlock" button because the battery was disconnected, the automatic locks would not have worked. And if they did use other equipment.... why did they need a "key copy for RAV4".

    As for that evidence list..... ohhh -- emmm -- geeee, could they make it any more confusing??? LOL There doesn't seem to be any reasoning behind their numbers. I thought maybe the "05" "06" meant the year, but then there are some things that don't make sense then LOL As for 8368, I see it is listed after some items from the RAV4..... but by number, I see it grouped with things found in SA's trailer (I used the 06-42 in the first column and searched and they were all items from his trailer IMO)
    It's easy to open the doors on any car with a little air bag. I have one. Very easy to use. Tow truck drivers Cary them but still use slim Jim to charge more. They only bring them out if it's a harder car to open. But there super easy to use. But take a couple min. You just pump alittle square piece of plastic up with a ( blood pressure) pump. It looks like a blood pressure cup. But alittle smaller.
    I still think he probably did kill her . However, the police ruined the case and evidence is terrible. But because he was locked up the first time and spent so much time it ruined him. My x and best friend was sentenced to life WITHOUT parole unfairly and it took 20 years for him to be released but by then he was ruined. And couldn't cope out here and he recently killed himself. Just a year after getting out. They killed him. It's all sad .

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    There is a pretty long list of evidence at reddit:


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