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    NJ - Amir Beeks, 3, murdered, Woodbridge, 26 March 2003

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    Ugh! That is just too much for me today! I was envisioning many of the kids I teach when I read about Aaron...
    Just my opinion anyway... cheers!

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    While I think what the 10 year old was unfathomable, how come no one holds the sister or mother with any responsibility for watching a 3 year old? I didn't let my 3 year old wander off with 10 year olds. And I would never let any child go with another with anger and bullying issues.
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Link in OP broken.

    Victim name: Amir Beeks

    He was lead away from a library, beaten with a baseball bat, sexually assaulted and left in a ditch (also reported as a storm drain). Amir died in the hospital the next day.


    December 13, 2003

    A****, who pleaded guilty to kidnapping and murder, is expected to be sent to an out-of-state children's mental health facility. He could be released at any time if the authorities determine he is rehabilitated.
    (I am not comfortable naming minors even when they have been named in MSM. Just me)

    Please note date of article.

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    Strange twist to the story: In 2009, a man who lived in the same house where the murder happened shot his wife and then himself. The wife survived, but he died a couple days later. There is no indication they were related to Amir's killer, who had lived there in 2003. As of 2009, Amir Beeks' killer was still incarcerated in a juvenile facility.


    September 30, 2009

    WOODBRIDGE — At least two people were wounded and taken from a home in the township's Colonia section late Wednesday afternoon after a shooting took place there, police and neighbors said.

    The shooting occurred at 48 Amherst Ave., Police Chief William Trenery confirmed...

    ...Neighbors noted that the home, at 48 Amherst Ave., has a troubled history. It is the former home of Aaron Kean, who kidnapped and murdered 3-year-old Amir Beeks in the backyard of the home on March 26, 2003. Aaron, 10 at the time, lured Amir from the Henry Inman Colonia Branch of the Woodbridge Public Library on Inman Avenue, then bludgeoned the toddler with a baseball bat and left him face down in a creek next to the home. Amir died the next day.

    Kean was sentenced to 18 years in the custody of the state juvenile justice commission in December 2003 after pleading guilty to the slaying in Family Court, New Brunswick. He is currently being held in a juvenile detention facility in New Jersey, said Ralph Cretella, assistant Middlesex County prosecutor. He declined to name the detention center, citing privacy issues regarding juvenile offenders.

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