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    38th time lucky for woman driver

    A Belgian woman is finally being allowed to take her practical driving test - after failing the theory exam 37 times in a row.

    The woman, unnamed due to Belgian privacy laws, passed the test on her 38th go after having to pay 10 for each previous attempt.

    She told Belgian paper Het Laatse Niews that she blames her string of failures on "nerves" but that she is definitely planning to complete her license.


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    I don't think she should be allowed on the roads.

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    Tell that to a number of affluent Asian women, recently immigrated to the U.S., who now have cars for the first time in their lives, usually expensive cars, Mercedes, and such, and are practicing their driving on CA freeways, and roads. Just the other day, one drove around me as I was filling my gas tank at the second pump, and she tried to back up to the first pump in front of me. With each try, she only succeeded in getting further away from the pump, rather than closer. After at least seven tries, she gave up, and drove around and got in line again, so she would be able to drive straight up to the pump. That's a true story, and I could multiply it many times, with just my experiences.

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