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    NC - Robert Hearne, 71, found murdered, Ellendale, 9 March 2016

    An Alexander County sheriff’s deputy found two people trying to dispose of a body behind an abandoned house in the Ellendale community, officials said.


    Investigators have a man and a woman in custody, but investigators don’t know if there are other people involved.


    "We brought him up here. I just panicked to hide him. I didn't know what to do," Tony Hearne said.

    Tony Hearne told Channel 9's Dave Faherty that he isn't a killer and was only defending himself when he choked his uncle Robert Adam Hearne Jr. to death.


    "I never wanted to fight my uncle but he came in and came at me with his knife. So we were fighting and I tried to defend myself. He was choking me and I was choking him,” Tony Hearne said.


    apparently the plan was to bury the body but the car got stuck and people noticed them there. When officers arrived they found drag marks leading from the car to the body.
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    Steve Ohnesorge WBTV (@WBTVSteveO): https://twitter.com/WBTVSteveO?s=09

    #breaking Alexander co deputies have 2 in custody after they say the pair was trying to bury a body. https://t.co/Ytp8PbZ7Dr

    #BREAKING A neighbor spotted a car on property of an abandoned house..- deputy responded and spotted the suspects https://t.co/styu1lcs5B

    #breaking The scene is just off of Highway 90 West of Taylorsville. Few details being released right now https://t.co/ImH09MThMW

    #BREAKING This is the car that was spotted going onto the property. deputy saw drag marks leading from the trunk https://t.co/HuxgW93utn

    #breaking One of the suspects tells me the victim is his uncle and admitted to me he killed him "in self defense" https://t.co/7EYpaYyu8L

    #breaking Hear What the suspect told me tonight on Wbtv https://t.co/yru6yeFP5h

    #breaking no one has been charged yet. Deputies don't know where the death happened. Suspects are from Albemarle https://t.co/ugTlF8RsP6

    #breaking Tony Hearne admits he killed the man...it was his uncle..claims the uncle came at him with a knife https://t.co/IFF5aJ19iw

    #breaking Hearne says he never wanted to fight his uncle "Tico" but claims he had no choice last night. https://t.co/JuRXXXXXz9

    #breaking The woman who was taken into custody said nothing to our camera. But she too was taken into custody https://t.co/yaNN5zWMzB
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    Steve Ohnesorge WBTV (@WBTVSteveO): https://twitter.com/WBTVSteveO?s=09

    #BREAKING Tony Hearne..charged in murder & hiding body in Alexander Co has come to court for 1st app. Said nothing https://t.co/qHfHx4efPx

    #BREAKING Linsey Lentz, the 2nd accused in Alexander co has come for 1st app. She stayed silent too. https://t.co/FX4Sp2gYOn
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