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    FL - Michael 'Chip' Campbell, 36, Milton, 5 March 2016

    "Chip" Michael Campbell, 36, was last seen when he was dropped off at his home Sunday, March 6 in Milton, FL.

    Chip is 6'2", weighs 200 pounds, has brown eyes and salt and pepper hair. He has a tattoo on one of his arms.

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    Finding CHIP Campbell Milton, Florida

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    Quote Originally Posted by KateB View Post
    Finding CHIP Campbell Milton, Florida
    It's is mentioned in this group that he is insulin dependent. :-/

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    Heartbreaking reading the comments by family. On the link above, it states his cell phone was found with battery removed and on factory reset. This is very strange.
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    Klaas kids just posted this

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    Possible Human Remains Found in Milton


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    BREAKING UPDATE: Milton Police say remains found in search for missing man more than likely animal

    Still missing after 14 months: http://weartv.com/news/local/milton-...fter-14-months

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    Haven't seen this yet, but apologize in advance if already discussed...

    While listening to the Vanished podcast for my first introduction to this case, I understood his sister to say that it was odd for Chip to be at that Circle K, because of the distance from his home. It's about 2.9 miles so a pretty good walk, for sure. However, this is the same Circle K he was leaving when he got into his accident two months prior...almost to the day. The cause of this accident was sited as a diabetic emergency. Meth, if taken by a diabetic, would cause a rapid acceleration of the burning of carbohydrates in the body, sugar being principal among these, and quickly lower the blood sugar levels of even a non-diabetic individual. Losing awareness, motor function, and even passing could result.

    Was Chip just familiar with this Circle K, liked the workers there, and frequented it as his regular convenience store...or maybe it was a marked drop site that he had used/been instructed to use for some time.

    Devil's advocate- let's say he had used Meth and this was one of the reasons he was in the bathroom for as long as he was, and forgot the bags he had carried in...
    when driving, the effects were clear resulting in his accident.
    when walking or getting a ride similar effects but a much more private result, perhaps even his ride panicking and disposing of a body rather than bringing further "trouble" on themselves. Or perhaps disorientation led him to end up in a place he couldn't get out of.

    I haven't read a clear explanation of what, if anything, the dogs picked up around that Circle K. Have I not paid enough attention yet?

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    On the Bring Chip Home site there are pics of a "shake-n-bake" mobile meth lab (backpack). They are stating that this was found, but do not know if it belonged to CC or not. The evidence at the home mud, disarray, phone/battery..IMO... could possibly be from someone having a bad methamphetamine high?? Getting paranoid is common. Could he have run out of the home and encountered problems with the combo of meth and diabetes? Just a thought. Hoping that his family gets closure in the near future. The agony of this cannot be understood I am sure.
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    Recent interview with Chip's sister, Lesa:


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    Missing man’s siblings seek private detective to boost search

    On March 8, 2016, Campbell’s roommate, Tainya Rios, reported coming home to their house in disarray and Campbell gone. According to Campbell’s sister, Lesa Kissoon, Rios reported that there was mud throughout the house, the front door was blocked with a chair, the side entrance was standing wide open and his cell phone was left behind but had been reset to factory settings.
    Campbell was 36 years old when he disappeared. He is 6 feet, 2 inches tall, has brown eyes and brown and slightly gray hair. He is insulin-dependent and was diagnosed with diabetic seizures soon before his disappearance. He had a dog named Harley who he spent a lot of time with. The Milton High alumnus worked as a cook at a Denny’s in Cantonment before he went missing.
    “We would like to obtain the help of a private detective and/or any other agencies to assist us in this search,” Kissoon said. “Chip only has his siblings. He needs us to continue this search. We fear for his safety and wellbeing.

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    NamUs: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/33289/4
    Charley: http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...bell_chip.html

    His 'Find' FB page is gone, but no info I can see that he's been found.

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