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    Mali - Christian Velten, 27, British tourist, 23 March 2003

    The family of a man who went missing 13 years ago believe he may be alive after a photograph of him was spotted on Facebook. Christian Velten travelled to Africa to retrace the steps of legendary 19th century Scottish explorer Mungo Park, in 2003. But the then 27-year-old went missing in Mali.

    After years of silence his sister Hannah came across the first clue that he is still alive in more than a decade. A picture of her brother is believed to have been used on the Facebook profile of someone trying to make contact with a conservationist in Kenya who went to the same school as Hannah and Christian. She believes that her brother may have downloaded the picture after she put it on her blog.

    She said: "I posted the picture on Facebook and people started sharing it. "Then this woman who went to the same primary school said that she recognised the picture of him holding the snake. "That picture had been on his computer at home. It had never been on the internet before I posted it on a family blog in 2014. "It hadn't been used on social media . "Nobody else that I can think of would have any cause to keep that picture."


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    Article from 2003 when he first went missing: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/ukne...in-Africa.html

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    Article published today on Christian

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