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    AZ - Loreal Tsingine, 27, fatally shot by LE, Winslow, 27 March 2016

    Loreal Tsingine

    Loreal Tsingine, 27, was shot and killed by police on Easter Sunday afternoon in Winslow, Arizona.
    She was shot after allegedly threatening officers with a weapon.


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    According to the article, she was armed with a pair of scissors and a six pack.

    5 bullets.
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    Tsingine's family files claim against Winslow, officer

    The family of Loreal Tsingine, a 27-year-old Navajo woman killed in March by a Winslow police officer, on Friday filed a $10.5 million notice of claim against the city.

    The claim alleges that Officer Austin Shipley violated Tsignine’s civil rights and contends the city “uniformly ignored warning signs that Austin Shipley was a threat to the public.”

    "The city is responsible for Shipley's homicide because it was negligent in hiring, training, retaining, controlling and supervising Austin Shipley," the claim said.

    "Shipley's record demonstrates that he does not exert self-restraint, does not obey law, and ignores orders. Personal feelings and animosity influence his actions and decisions. He is incapable of exerting his authority with courtesy required of servant of the people."

    The Arizona Department of Public Safety concluded its investigation into the shooting on June 10 and forwarded its findings to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for an independent prosecutorial review at the request of the Navajo County Attorney’s Office, said Raul Garcia, a DPS spokesman.

    The Marciopa County Attorney's Office has declined to comment on the case.

    “Shipley has a well-documented history of incompetence, insubordination, dishonesty, aggression and unreasonable use of force,” the claim said.

    The document uses Winslow Police Department evaluation forms to detail more than 30 violations Shipley racked up during his four months' training in the field to be an officer. The list of issues includes tampering with evidence, falsifying reports, repeating the same mistakes, and tunnel vision, along with concerns that he was too quick to go to his gun.

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    VIDEO: Officer Austin Shipley punches man in face (this happened in January 2015)

    Punched him so hard he injured his hand.

    Documents show Shipley fractured a bone in his right hand.

    Winslow Police's Lieutenant Jim Sepi investigated the incident and wrote in a memo to Chief Stephen Garnett, he felt it appeared Shipley was the aggressor in the footage and went on to write the man's demeanor did not appear aggressive or dangerous to the officers or bystanders.

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    This is from Loreal Tsingine's shooting

    Winslow body-camera video shows fatal shooting

    A shooting investigation was conducted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, which was reviewed by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. He announced Friday that no charges would be filed against Shipley.
    The DPS investigated the shooting at the request of the Winslow Police Department. The investigative report was then turned over to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for an independent prosecutorial review at the request of the Navajo County Attorney's Office.
    Montgomery said in a statement Friday, "After a careful review of the facts surrounding the case, including available video evidence and witness statements from all involved, my office found no evidence of criminal conduct on the part of Officer Shipley."

    Keith Manning, Maricopa County Attorney's Office law enforcement liaison, wrote a letter to Winslow Police Chief Stephen Garnett. "Based on the information submitted in the DRs, it is in the opinion of this Board that Officer Shipley did not commit any acts that warrants criminal prosecution," the letter said.

    Documents: Officer told woman to drop scissors before firing

    Documents previously released by Winslow officials show that two officers who trained Shipley had serious concerns about his work and that one of them recommended he should not serve the city as an officer.

    Tsingine's relatives have filed a $10.5 million notice of claim against the city, saying Shipley violated Tsingine's civil rights and that Winslow was negligent in "hiring, training, retaining, controlling and supervising" Shipley.
    Autopsy results released with the Arizona Department of Public Safety's report showed Tsingine stood just 5 feet tall and weighed 100 pounds.

    The autopsy for Tsingine shows she was shot twice on the right side of her chest, and twice in the back. One bullet grazed her hand. There appeared to be alcohol in her system but no drugs.

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    Records show Tsingine had a lengthy arrest history, including an incident last year when she was accused of trying to grab an officer's gun as he tried to arrest her.

    On the day she was killed, Tsingine had been to the Circle K store five times, said a store manager who complained to authorities that Tsingine had taken beer on one visit, and thrown cash at the register as she took a lighter.

    During her last visit, she attempted to take several packs of cigarettes, and walked out of the store with a hot dog, prompting the manager to call police, the manager said.

    After Shipley got out of his vehicle, Benally said he saw him grab Tsingine by the wrist, maneuver her to the ground and yell "stop resisting." The officer backed away as Tsingine approached him, and then he fired five times, Benally said.

    In another witness account, a woman who lived nearby said Tsingine charged Shipley like "a linebacker," despite her petite frame.

    Shipley didn't use a stun gun because he felt Tsingine was too close to him to use it and it was not the right level of force for the situation, he said.

    The autopsy for Tsingine shows she was shot twice on the right side of her chest, and twice in the back. One bullet grazed her hand. There appeared to be alcohol in her system but no drugs.

    Police video of the encounter shows Tsingine getting up, and then approaching Shipley with scissors in her hand, pointed downward, before she is shot.
    . "I tried to pull her to the ground, she fell to the ground. That's when she came up with those scissors right there, so I tried just to push her, shove her away, when you rolled up."

    ================================================== =========================

    So this woman, with previous record of fighting with the police, went to that store 5 x that day, and stole something each time. She had to be pretty drunk.

    And so when the cop tried to detain her, she fought with hi, tried to get away, he tackles her, and she is able to get up. He backs away, and she, ACCORDING TO A WITNESS, came running at him fast, with scissors in her hand.

    What can he do besides shooting at that point? Who wants to take a pair of scissors in the chest from a drunk, running suspect? It does not matter how small she is if she is strong, determined and drunk.

    He did not want to kill her. Cops don't want to shoot a woman like that. But they don't want a pair of scissors to their face or chest either. She was drunk, erratic, irrational and aggressive. Are we supposed to ask an officer to wrestle around on the ground with someone who wants to stab them?

    It is amazing that the family ignores her actions---running at someone with scissors, and sues the PD instead.
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    He could have cuffed her the first time he grabbed her, rather than throwing her on the ground. Or perhaps he could have cuffed her while she was on the ground. What if he'd stepped aside long enough for the officer behind her to grab her? He was right there and it didn't appear she was aware of him.

    It was his fault it got to the point where she was coming after him with the scissors.

    She might have had a record but one it had nothing to do with this particular incident, two she never made any promises to uphold the public trust and protect and serve, and three none of her crimes were capital crimes.

    He made promises and his previous record - demonstrating exactly what kind of officer he is - is the one that matters here.

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